Master Schedule vs Milestone Schedule: What is Milestone Planning?

Master Schedule vs Milestone Schedule infographic

In this article, we will analyze the following concept: Master Schedule vs Milestone Schedule. Project teams create work schedules in order to understand what work will be completed in which period. For that purpose, they create various types of schedules … Read more

Activity Dependencies in Project Network

Activity Dependencies in Project Network Diagram cover

Projects consist of activities that depend on each other. These activity dependencies dictate the constraints on the order of activity execution. The constraints that are described in the PMBOK Guide and other project management standards. And we can set them … Read more

Gantt Chart for Project Planning: 7 Cool Tips

7 Cool Tips for Project Planning with Gantt Charts-min

Project managers have an easy platform to enhance presenting their projects with the aid of the Gantt Chart. It is important to understand project management software, and the one benefit of the Gantt Chart is its simplicity. As managers continue … Read more

Time Management Strategy for Project Managers

5 Time Management Strategies for Project Managers-min

Project managers undertake many critical tasks in managing an ongoing project. The nature of their work entails the management of essential milestones of the project. These aspects are planning, procurement oversight, and project supervision. A project relies on limited resources such … Read more

Project Schedule Analysis and Optimization

Project Schedule Model

Project schedule is not just a Gantt Chart or a timetable that shows what activities are planned to be performed and when. A good schedule is a project schedule model that can answer any “what if” question such as what … Read more