Individual Development Plan Examples & Template for Managers

Individual Development Plan

What do you think about the importance of creating individual development plan for leaders, managers and even employees? In this article we will discuss individual development plan (IDP) in deep with examples and provide you a template to help you to create your own. An individual development plan (IDP) is a tool that helps staff understand their strengths and areas for improvement. This important document assists employees for both reaching career goals and improving  job performance. It can also be considered as an agreement between a worker and employer which outlines the objectives to be achieved and employee skills should be improved. Therefore, the outline should include clear, actionable steps to help staff work on expert development.

The context of an individual development plan (IDP) can differ depending on the requirements of employee and/or business. Before to dig deeper into the subject, let’s discuss the basics of leadership development.

What is leadership development?

Leadership development is the process of developing leadership skills and competencies through a variety of activities.

In leadership development, staff of all levels are taught invaluable leadership skills that allow them to lead, inspire and guide their teams towards success.

This type of development is important for the proper development of a leadership culture across an organization.

Leadership development training can take many forms, both on-site, such as in-house training and mentoring programs, and off-site, such as training seminars, conferences, online training or postgraduate programs.

To effectively achieve leadership development, an organization must establish a leadership development plan.

This plan will reveal the steps that the organization will take, what is expected of the personnel going through this development, and how the improvement will help both the organization and the staff.

Individual Development Plan Examples for Leaders and Managers

As discussed in the first paragraph, an individual development plan (IDP) is a document that outlines the projected increase for an employee. It’s an settlement between a worker and company that sure abilities need to be increased or realized or that standard overall performance need to meet a positive popular with the aid of a designated time.

The specifics of an IDP can differ noticeably relying on the job and the profession of the employee. In other words, all IPDs are not suitable for all employees. Some IDPs are trendy files for all employees. Sometimes, they are created when personnel are mainly tasked with displaying improvement.

Reviewing pattern IDPs can assist grant an thinking of what they must seem to be like.

Individual Development Plan Template

At its simplest, an individual development plan (IDP) template may include the following information for an employee;

Employee name:

Position and title:


List expert targets and aspirations:

List strengths and talents: List improvement opportunities :

Action sketch (Specific steps or duties to attain goals)


Additional sections or details can be added to the template such as cost, budget, duration, etc..

Individual Development Plan Examples

Example: Experienced Mid Level Manager

Time range: 6/2015 – 6/2016

Personal information regarding position, function, location, manager, etc…

Development Focus: Improved effectiveness in current position and education for attainable senior management role

Top Three Strengths

  1. Functional and enterprise expertise
  2. Financial expertise
  3. High problem-solving & decision-making skills

Top Three Development Requirements

  1. Improve potential to lead change
  2. Strategic thinking
  3. Cross-functional understanding

Action Step: Speak to my executive about my wish to lead a high-level, cross-functional technique enchancement team. This would leverage some of my current strengths and enable me to reap journey in main trade and strategic thinking, as properly as examine about different organization functions

  • Target Completion Date: Next month  for viable second quarter project
  • Budget: None

Action Step: Set up regular phone calls with Henry Brown and Cecilia Castle. They’ve each had trip main initiatives like this and accomplished superb results.

  • Target Completion Date: This quarter.
  • Budget: approximately $ 2000 to $ 2,500

Action Step: Move forward in key strategic change. Check the 3-5 day programs of 3-4 commercial business courses.

  • Target Completion Date: Next month.
  • Budget: approximately $ 3500 to $ 5,000

Action Step: Read the following books

  • Leading Change for Professionals
  • Marketing Theory
  • Timing: One book for each week
  • Cost: Around $ 40 each

Action Step: Conduct 360 management reviews for perception additional to my improvement needs. Add new insights to my IDP. Review with a coach

  • Target Completion Date: Next Month
  • Budget: $ 700 for evaluation, approx. $ 3,000 for coaching

Another Example for Individual Development Plan (IDP): New Supervisor

Time range: 3/2013 – 3/2014

Development Orientation: New promotion, development in a brand new role

Top Three Strengths

  • Project planning
  • High influence
  • Result-oriented

Top Three Development Requirements

  • Managing and controlling team
  • Addressing conflict
  • Communication skills

Action Step: Collaborate with my team members to develop individual development plans. Make sure you willingly use a coaching manner rather than narrate. Bear in mind my listening skills and seek feedback.

  • Target Completion Date: Next week
  • Budget: None

Action Step: Work with my executive and a human resources specialist on my own individual development plan (IDP); Get help in working with my team members. Subscribe to the company management newsletter.

  • Target Completion Date: Next week
  • Budget: None

Action Step: Get a basic course regarding improving management skills

  • Target Completion Date: Next month
  • Budget: $ 3500
  • Duration: 7 Days

Action Step: Read the book “Crucial Conversations” by Al Switzler, Joseph Grenny, and Ron McMillan to understand how to improve your communication skills.

  • Target Completion Date: Next quarter
  • Budget: $ 10


Individual development plans (IDPs) are valuable on the grounds that the worker and employer agree on the actions that help the worker grow professionally and benefit the organization. Plans improve employee engagement and create reliability since workers see their employers as invested in their success. They additionally increment efficiency and yield benefits for organizations like more highly skilled employees.

So, what do you think about the importance of creating individual development plan for leaders, managers and even employees? Share your insights with the community through the comments section below.

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