Time Management with Primavera P6 Software, importance of time management



Time Management with Primavera P6

Time management is one of the most important functions of project management. Much researches have been conducted and many articles are written about this concept. Basically, time management practices in project management involve planning, updating, monitoring and controlling project activities for successful completion. Project teams use time tracking software tools for many different purposes such as managing long-lead items, meeting […]

Primavera P6 | What is Primavera P6 and How to Use?

What is Primavera P6? How to Use Primavera P6? What is Primavera P6? – In today’s challenging business environment the number of large and sophisticated projects are increasing. The main problem is most of the projects are out of control and project managers can not plan, manage and track their complex projects effectively. Many professionals in the project management field […]

Become a Primavera Project Planner (Scheduler)

How to Become a Primavera Project Planner Primavera Project Planner – There are many employees working in the project management field of different industries. Recently project management business field became very popular among the employees but the problem for them is that it takes many years to become a project management professional. Scheduling and project planning is a critical task in today’s […]

Primavera P6 Tutorial for Beginners

Primavera P6 Tutorial for Beginners A few weeks ago one of our readers asked “How long does it take to learn Primavera P6 step by step? Therefore we decided to write this Primavera P6 tutorial for beginners to have a general idea about this advanced software. Oracle Primavera P6 project management software offers many solutions related to planning, scheduling, cost […]



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