Types of Stakeholders and Roles in Project Management

Types of stakeholder

If you are new to project management, most probably you asked the following question; What is a stakeholder? and get confused about the answer. In general, the definition comprises the following; Stakeholders are people or organizations who are associated with … Read more

Stakeholder Register in Project Management

Stakeholder Register in Project Management image

What is the importance of having a proper stakeholder register in place for project management? Stakeholder management is one of the most important processes in any project’s life cycle. It is a type of strategic management process that smart project … Read more

Stakeholder Analysis and Management Strategy

Stakeholder analysis, classification and management strategy infographic

Parties involved in a project often have various requirements. In general, it is difficult to understand and document the particular requirements of the stakeholders. Therefore, project teams spend most of their time with communication to clarify the needs of various … Read more

Salience Model to Classify Project Stakeholders

Classify Project Stakeholders

The term “stakeholder” is widely used in project management. A stakeholder is someone who affects a project or is affected by the outcomes of a project. They can be at any level such as external, internal, junior, senior, and also … Read more

Stakeholder Management in Project Management

Internal External Stakeholder Management in Construction and Project Management infographic

Almost all projects are subject to external influences. Even if everything is clearly defined, all the deliverables are detailed, a project can never exist in isolation. Typically, projects are surrounded by people, organizations, internal and external shareholders who have a … Read more

How to Achieve Effective Stakeholder Identification in Project Management?

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholder identification is the first step in project management, coming before Stakeholder analysis. Typically, key stakeholders can be defined as the individuals, groups, and/or organizations who can affect or be affected by a project. They can be categorized as primary, … Read more