Manage Remote Offices Successfully

Manage Remote Offices Successfully-min

Establishing and then trying to manage remote offices appears to be a daunting experience. Strategic planning and organization help you successfully manage your company’s remote offices. Take a moment to examine the following things to develop a transition plan for … Read more

Dollars and Sense: Managing Payroll for Remote Employees

payroll tax for remote employees

Although employers want to return to the office, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. A 2022 Buffer poll showed that 97% of remote employees want to continue to work from home. To keep up with the work-at-home … Read more

Top Project Management Terms for Word Games

cumulative flow diagram for trello

Like any discipline that requires complex analysis, project management has a lot of jargon, acronyms, and technical terms. In order to succeed in this field, you need to have an in-built dictionary of these words. But rote learning these terms … Read more

Gantt Chart for Project Planning: 7 Cool Tips

7 Cool Tips for Project Planning with Gantt Charts-min

Project managers have an easy platform to enhance presenting their projects with the aid of the Gantt Chart. It is important to understand project management software, and the one benefit of the Gantt Chart is its simplicity. As managers continue … Read more

Acid Test Ratio (Quick Ratio) Formula,Example,Definition

acid test ratio quick ratio formula definition example

Professionals new to financial terms, often think that acid-test ratio or liquidity are chemical concepts that are used to refer to complex chemical processes. However, it is an indicator that shows the ratio between the short-term assets and the short-term … Read more

Project Life Cycle Phases in Project Management

Five Project Management Life Cycle Phases infographic

The main purpose of a successful project management team is to complete the project on time and budget with meeting the customer’s requirements and the project’s objectives. Typically, every project has a beginning, an execution, and a closing phase and … Read more