Master Schedule vs Milestone Schedule: What is Milestone Planning?

Master Schedule vs Milestone Schedule infographic

In this article, we will analyze the following concept: Master Schedule vs Milestone Schedule. Project teams create work schedules in order to understand what work will be completed in which period. For that purpose, they create various types of schedules … Read more

What is Product Life Curve (PLC), How Does It Progress?

What is the Product Life Curve (PLC) and How Does It Progress

The product life curve comes across as a theory. This theory, which argues that every product goes through various stages from the moment it exists and finally completes its life, has started to become valid for all sectors. For each … Read more

ITIL Service Transition – Usual Practices and Processes

ITIL Service Transition practices processes

ITIL Service Transition practices and processes help organizations to ensure continual service improvement and operations. Success in changed services often satisfies business expectations and stakeholder requirements that are documented in the service strategy. ITIL Service Transition Service transition is the … Read more

Project Management Reporting : A Short Guide

project management reporting tools, methods, types of reports in project management reporting and communication infographic

Project management reporting and effective communication play a vital role in the success of any project. Team members, stakeholders, project managers, and even board members create reports regarding important issues. There are several reporting tools and methods in project management … Read more