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What Does Document Management Software Do?

Efficient and productive operations in any organization heavily rely on document management software. This software plays a role in storing, organizing, tracking, managing, and controlling access to documents and files. Moreover, it enables users to retrieve the information they require effortlessly.

Key functions and features of document management software;

Document storage

You have two options for storing documents: cloud storage or using your server. Cloud storage is convenient since you don’t need to worry about managing backups and security. However, keep in mind that there may be costs involved with this method. If you decide to go with cloud storage, it’s important to choose a company that offers the services you require at a price.


The document management softwares organization feature allows users to create folders and sub-folders, making it convenient to locate items. Additionally, users can effortlessly move items between folders within the softwares user interface once they have been found.

Access control

LexWorkplace offers a system for controlling access to documents, files, and folders. Users can create user accounts, assign permissions, and determine the level of access for each user within the software. This software functions similarly to Microsoft Office 365 but includes features like file sharing and security measures such as encryption.

File sharing

This option allows users to access data from any location regardless of their physical location. This enables individuals who work remotely or have varying schedules to collaborate without depending on another person’s computer or mobile device for access.


One of the advantages of utilizing document management software is its ability to help you manage and organize your documents effectively. This implies that in the event of an employee leaving or transitioning within your organization, you can promptly revoke their access to documents without the need for a review of each file. By doing you save time while ensuring the continuous security and integrity of your data.

Version control

Document management software also provides version control functionality. This means that you can track which versions of a document have been modified and what changes were made in each version. You can then track changes over time, which helps ensure that there are no discrepancies between versions of a document or version history for a file system or database backup system.


Document management software enables you to collaborate and share ideas, plans, and documents with your team members. You have the flexibility to create a central document library for everyone or send documents to individuals via email or a web portal. This software efficiently organizes all your files, ensuring that they are easily accessible whenever the need arises.

Search and retrieval

Your team members will be able to find what they’re looking for quickly with document management software. This software lets you create searches so that no matter where they are or what they’re working on, employees will be able to access the right information at the right time.

Wrapping up

Various organizations, such as businesses, government agencies, healthcare providers, law firms, and educational institutions, utilize document management software to simplify their document-related procedures, minimize the use of paperwork, strengthen document security measures, and promote collaboration among employees.

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