5 Ideas to Make Your Next Fundraising Event a Huge Success

Fundraising Event Ideas

Of the many ways available to raise money, nothing is more effective than the age-old fundraising event –  check out below fundraiser event ideas. As long as the event is well planned, properly managed, and created to attract the right donors, a fundraising event can have a high yield. It’s a perfect way to bring in the much-needed funds for a certain cause with fun fundraising event ideas.

If you are on the lookout for out-of-the-box ideas to make your fundraising event a big success, there’s a good chance you will find the ones below interesting. 

1. Consider Using Specialist Event Management Software for Your Fundraising Event 

Brainstorming for the perfect fundraising event can be overwhelming. This is especially true when there are a lot of things to get done and with little time on your hands. To lighten the mood, there are tools that can help you get organized.

Most of them are also created with the type of event in mind. If you’re planning a fundraiser for an institution, for instance, an event management software for universities and schools could be all you need to get things orderly and flowing smoothly. 

Why Use An Event Management Tool? 

The thing is, planning a fundraising event can be downright exhausting. From preparing a guest list to connecting with potential guests, choosing activities, keeping up with timely event schedules, and much more, the entire process can seem overwhelming. 

But with an event management tool, you can be a step ahead in ensuring that things are running smoothly. 

Here are some ways such a tool can be beneficial for fundraiser event ideas:

2. Come Up With the Perfect Activity

You’ll need to keep the attendees occupied. You’ll need your supporters engaged early enough if they are to make some donations. A walk, raffle, or some special treatment can greatly help with keeping your guests busy. 

It also pays to think outside the box and hold a concert or even have an open mic session where attendees randomly take the stage and share their talent. Better yet, you could hold a tournament such as Cornhole, where the champs will be crowned and offered a special gift. The list of activities you can include in your fundraiser to keep people occupied is literally endless. 

3. Go Social

Your social media presence before holding your fundraising event can significantly help rake in some bucks. When effectively utilized, social media can be a great tool to bring people together and for a good cause. Posting ads for the event while providing additional information might provide you with a promotional opportunity. 

Below are strategies you might consider using:

  • Creating an event hashtag on Instagram
  • Linking your fundraising page to your social sites
  • Posting relative content and images on your busy social sites

4. Appeal to Your Donors

As you plan for your next fundraising event, you should put a lot of thought into your donor database. The demographics of the people you want to reach or those who should be at the top of your guest list should be prioritized. 

Of course, you’ll have supporters and donors to whom most honors should be attributed. Ensure that you’ve communicated early and provide efficient methods of giving.

5. Provide Options for Fundraising Event 

Your supporters or attendees should be provided with more ways to get involved. This will not only help increase the population in your fundraising event but it can strategically provide you with more ways to raise funds. In-kind donations, volunteering, and corporate philanthropy are just but a few ways to keep things going. 

If you are about to hold a fundraising event, then the above hacks can greatly help you raise the funds you need. Ensure that your fundraising location is presentable and that your guests will not lack refreshments. 

What Are the Fundraising Event Ideas?

Community Yard Sale:

Locate a large area to hold the event, such as a park, a gym, or a community center. Encourage them to share the news with their wider networks by inviting friends, family, and contributors who are eager to get rid of their unwanted items.
For a place to sell their wares, vendors may give a flat fee to your organization, or you can request a percentage of the proceeds. The most important thing for you to do is to get people interested in buying. After all, attendance is crucial to the event’s success.

50/50 Drawing:

Because they donate half the money to your charity and offer the other half to a fortunate winner, 50/50 raffles have grown in popularity over the years among fundraiser event ideas.
You simply need a large supply of raffle tickets and an attentive audience for this inexpensive and simple fundraising event. These raffles are a good fit for sporting events or school pep rallies. Simply assemble a group of volunteers to distribute and sell tickets for a certain price, and keep attendees informed about the prize fund throughout the evening to keep them interested.

Sports Competition:

Instead of hosting a quiz contest, have an athletic competition. This competition might include basketball, softball, kickball, basketball and ultimate frisbee, among other sports.

Video Game Fundraiser on Twitch:

If Twitch has shown us anything, it’s that video games can unite people from all around the globe in favor of a good cause.
To share with spectators during their Twitch event, encourage players to develop fundraising pages. Give them the resources they need to advertise their stream, and encourage them to solicit the support of friends, family, and other gamers by inviting them to watch.

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