Top 7 Tips for PMP Exam Preparation

PMP Exam Preparation
PMP Exam Preparation

Exams are part of our lives. Everybody knows that studying for an exam requires critical processes. The PMP Exam does not only requires huge effort, but also time and strenuousness because it tests knowledge in project management. Therefore most of the questions in the PMP exam are scenario-based that include real life project scenarios.
There are lots of materials to be studied before to take the exam. It will be a good idea to read the exam preparation experiences of certified PMP’s. Also some PMP Exam Preparation websites like may be helpful for passing the exam.
In this article we share top 7 tips for PMP Exam Preparation.

Tips for PMP Exam Preparation

1. Join an Exam Prep Course

An exam preparation course enables you not to waste your time while praparing the exam. You can get the strategies and exam preparation methods from the experienced trainers. They guide you how to manage your time and answer all the questions within the exam.

2. Make Your Own Study Plan

The PMP Exam tests your knowledge by asking real life questions. So you must make your own plan to study the topics of the exam. Divide the topics into sections and understand each section. There is no need to memorize everything. Try to understand each concepts and think how you can apply them to real life.

3. Purchase Exam Study Books

You can purchase exam study books to understand topics better. Some of these books include sample questions. Before to purchase an exam study book, be sure that it includes the latest updates.

4. Read the PMBOK Guide

Most of the answers of the questions on the PMP Exam exists in The PMBOK Guide. Therefore, the PMBOK Guide may be your primary source while praparing the exam. This will help you to understand each topic from different angles. However The PMBOK Guide includes a lot of new terms that PMP aspirants have difficulties to understand.

5. Take Practice Exams

During the exam, you must control your stress and manage your time. Practice exams enable you to understand the concept of the exam and the question types. After getting the practice exam results, review the questions that you gave wrong answers and take notes.

6. Participate in Discussion Forums and Study Groups

People share their experiences in discussion forums. You can be aware other aspirants discussions by participating discussion forums and study groups. Also you can ask your questions and request clarifications for the topics in these groups.

7. Make an Exam-Day Preparation Plan

Read the the PMP Handbook which explains the process of taking the PMP Exam. You need to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Try to relax and focus on the questions.


In this article we shared top 7 tips for PMP Exam Preparation. Don’t forget that exam preparation requires hard working and planning skills. The Project Management Professional certification provides significant advantages such as earning high salaries, having better job opportunities to the professionals.



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