Skills Needed For Project Managers

Skills Needed For Project Managers
Skills Needed For Project Managers

A project manager plays the most important role for the success of a project. Productivity of a project depends on the efficiency of the managers involved. A clear scope, good communications, technical competence, a suitable organizational structure and appropriate management strategies often bring success. On the other hand, too optimistic estimates, incomplete scope, incomplete risk assessment and poor managment lead to the downfall.
Project managers are the individuals who use their skills and expertise to organize the project team and achieve the project’s objectives. As it is understood from this statement, project managers must have some skills in order to manage their project’s team members, project budget, risks, scope, schedule and goals. In this article we will review top 7 skills needed for project managers.

Skills Needed For Project Managers


Technical skills are the abilities and knowledge required to perform the activities. A project manager must have enough technical skills and knowlege related to his industry. Technical skills and knowledge is used for decision making and choosing the most efficient methods of production.


A project manager must have leadership skills in order to influence his project management team and stakeholders towards the achievement of project goals. Stakeholders must accept him as a leader and the project manager must behave like a leader.


A project manager spends most of his time with meetings. He conveys his ideas, objectives and vision by establishing good communication channels with the stakeholders. A project manager must have verbal communication skills as well as written communication skills.


While performing tasks, a project manager negotiates everything. He negotiates the use of budget, resources, scope creep and other important issues with the stakeholders in order to solve problems. He also negotiates payment issues with vendors, subcontractors and suppliers. A good project manager must be a good negotiator.


Strategy can be defined as the art of planning and directing the project to achieve the project’s goals. A project manager must be a good strategist. He must choose the best path to complete the project on time and on budget. While establishing his execution strategy, he must consider the long term and short term benefits.


All the processes begin with planning within a project. Budget planning, strategic planning, resource planning, scheduling are the key processes. Effective planning gives a right direction to the organization. A project manager must have excellent planning skills for the success of his project.


Organization is the action of organizing people, team members, machinery, production, accounting to achieve the project’s objectives. Effective organization skills are helpful for keeping things in proper order. A project manager with good organization skills eliminates wastes and reduces stress within the project.

In this article we reviewed top 7 skills needed for project managers. However there are additional skills such as scheduling, cost control, risk management, contract management, critical thinking etc. A project manager with more skills is one step ahead of his counterparts.

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