Cyber ​​Security Threats And Measures To Be Taken

Cyber ​​Security Threats And Measures To Be Taken-min

In this article we are going to talk about a very important issue. Knowing the ways of cyber security and protection in the digital world is of vital importance today. Knowing about cyber security and privacy will protect you from theft, fraud and many cyber crimes that you will be exposed to in the virtual world. In this article, where we provide information about cyber security threats, we will focus on how big a necessity cyber security is. We will try to help you by giving tips on taking the necessary precautions to protect your data in the digital world. We’ve gathered for you what you need to know about cyber security threats.  For cyber security definition, we can say, protect yourself

It is an undeniable fact that the foundation of everything today is based on technology and the cyber world. The digital world forms the basis of concepts such as education, politics, business world and human relations. Just as we need to protect our tangible assets, the privacy of our private lives and the data we use for business in real life, we must fulfill the same need for protection, perhaps even more, in the digital world. The dangers that exist in real life are also present in the virtual world, there are always elements that threaten the security of your privacy and other information.

How important is cyber security:

According to the statement made in 2019, the financial loss caused by cyber security threats is around 2 trillion dollars. It is estimated that this loss has increased to 6 trillion dollars in 2 years. Unfortunately, massive global investments in cyber security and privacy do not completely eliminate this problem.

Although cyber security threats are perceived by some individuals as a problem that only concerns large companies, it should be the common concern of every individual who has access to the digital world. Because hacking a device that can connect to the internet can take less than 5 minutes, so your data can already be stolen before you realize it.

Before taking precautions regarding cyber security and privacy, having information about the attacks you may encounter in the digital world allows you to take better security measures.

There are several ways that a cybercriminal who wants to access your information will use, knowing these ways will help you avoid traps;

  • Password Attack:

It is the first attack that comes to mind about cyber security and privacy. As the name suggests, it is an attempt to decrypt the password to access user data. It is one way for a hacker to crack your password to break into your social media account or mobile banking account. Simple selected passwords are easier to decrypt.

  • Malware:

In this attack method, the attacker usually tries to enter your system with spyware. As a result of clicking on a network link sent to your e-mail address or downloading an unsafe download, spyware enters your system.

  • Denial-of-service (DoS) Attacks:

The purpose of this attack by a cyber attacker on the connection you are using is to prevent the user from accessing the connection from which the attack was carried out.

  • SQL Injection Attack:

It is one of the most insidious attacks in cyber security threats. The attacker, who tries to find the vulnerability of the system to access your database, sometimes accesses the information you entered in the search section and enters your system.

  • Phishing Attacks:

Especially mass messages sent to the public by imitating official institutions are an example of this. The purpose is to access and use users personal information.

  • Man-in-the-middle (MitM) Attack:

In this method, the hacker can use the conversations between the two parties communicating with each other, usually by infiltrating the communication tools.

The tips you need for cyber security:

We talked about when making cyber security definition; In this section, we will discuss in more detail how to protect your data, protect your passwords, protect your system and your business. In the previous sections, we tried to explain how important cyber security is and talked about the techniques used by hackers, now let’s learn how to protect ourselves against hackers and other cyber attacks.

  • Encrypt:

Don’t forget to encrypt your data and use a firewall. make sure to encrypt documents that are especially important to your business so that even if the data is stolen, its content will not be used.

  • A strong password:

Having a strong password is the simplest form of cyber security. Avoid making your password easy to guess, such as your date of birth. If possible, use a password consisting of at least 8 and no more than 12 letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols. It is a method of protection that anyone can use against cyber security threats.

  • Wireless network security:

Attackers may try to infiltrate your system through your wireless network, so be sure to use a strong password on your wireless network as well. Do not forget to take security measures for bluetooth and gps, keep these features turned off when you are not using them. You can see the importance of this issue in the parts we talked about when making cyber security definition.

  • Ensuring the physical security of the device:

One of the measures that can be taken against cyber security threats is to ensure the physical security of your device. Password entries should be made carefully in unsafe environments, devices should not be shared with strangers.

  • Using a quality antivirus program:

One of the measures to be taken against the dangers of the digital world is to use an antivirus program. As a matter of fact, there are programs that you can use for a long time at affordable prices.

  • Avoiding unsafe emails and links:

Security should be ensured by avoiding suspicious mail and network connections in order to be protected from the damages we mentioned while cyber security definition.

  • Be Professional:

Do not leave your job to chance by getting professional training on cyber security threats and security measures that can be taken against these threats. By getting a professional training, you will see the benefit of improving yourself in cyber security in a very short time and you will experience the happiness of feeling safe.

Remember that taking precautions against cyber security threats is simpler than you think. Keep yourself protected by following tips for your own safety and privacy of your data.

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