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The PRIMAVERA P6 page of the projectcubicle.com includes articles and blog posts about the PRIMAVERA P6 Software. Read the articles and become a professional PRIMAVERA P6 Planner.

Download Primavera P6 Free

Download Primavera P6 Free Trial Version

Oracle Primavera P6 Software is one of the most popular project scheduling tool which provides project management solutions to planning engineers, schedulers, project managers, stakeholders, and any others who are associated with a...
Best Project Management Software

Which One is the Best Project Management Software ?

Traditional methods of project management are not enough to bring success in todays economical conditions. Project management teams always need project management softwares with smart solutions for their projects and organizational...
Primavera P6 Filter By

Primavera P6 Filter By Feature Explained

In large and complex schedules, it is not easy to view activities under a specific group, work breakdown structure level or activity code. If you apply some basic techniques, you can...
Primavera P6 Global Change

Primavera P6 Global Change Tool Explained

In a large and complex schedule, large numbers of changes and assignments to activities take long time. Primavera P6 Global Change tool enables to modify some significant features and components of...
Primavera P6 Duration Types

Primavera P6 Duration Types Explained

Primavera P6 duration types have affects on activity duration, resource and cost distribution when progressing the schedule. Activity durations control the critical path and the comletion date of a project. Before...
Resource Levelling Feature of Primavera P6

Resource Levelling Feature of Primavera P6

The term resource levelling is widely used in project management. According to the PMBOK Guide, resoruce levelling is a technique in which start and finish dates are adjusted based on resource...
Stacked Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Chart and P6 Stacked Histogram

Charts are helpful for readers to understand, analyze and demonstrate the percentages and/or quantities of particular results. Pie charts, line graphs, bar charts are used to visulize the key parts of large...
Primavera P6 Resource Loading

Primavera P6 Resource Loading Explained

Oracle Primavera P6 Resource Loading feature enables to monitor planned and actual resource quantities. Procurement plans, labor and equipment plans, resource levelling and payment plans can be made by gathering data...
Primavera P6 Cost Loading

Primavera P6 Cost Loading Explained

Oracle Primavera P6 Cost Loading feature enables to monitor planned and actual costs and expenses of a project. Paymet plans can be made, cash needs can be calculated by the help...
Three Week Look Ahead

Three Week Look Ahead Schedule in Primavera P6

When a workschedule is created and baseline assigned, planning engineers start to track in order to report the variances. Project managers analyzes performance reports to compare the planned and the actual...