Google Ads: How To Use It To Make A Fortune – projectcubicle

Google Ads How To Use This Tool To Make A Fortune-min

Google Ads: How To Use This Tool To Make A Fortune For Your Business The current digital revolution has made a significant impact on the way businesses run and manage their operations. From customer experience to business viability, it significantly influences technical aspects that play a crucial role in your growth. Marketing is mandatory for … Read more

eCommerce Strategy: Top 5 Practices for 2022 – projectcubicle

5 Best eCommerce Practices for 2022-ecommerce marketing strategy

5 Best eCommerce Strategy and Practices for 2022 In the world of eCommerce, where the eCommerce marketing strategy trends are constantly changing and the competition is fierce, knowing the best practices will give you a competitive edge and an opportunity to start the year off with a bang. In 2022, eCommerce revenues are projected to … Read more

Graphic Design Software Option for Students in 2023 – projectcubicle

Graphic Design Software Options for Students in 2022-min

Graphic Design Software Options for Students in 2023 Graphic design is one of the skills that are in high demand. This is mainly with the need for companies to brand their business. This gives them an identity that helps them stand out and attract more customers. This makes learning graphic design a great deal to … Read more

SEO Success With Your Blog: 9 Tips – projectcubicle

9 Tips for SEO Success With Your Blog-min

9 Tips for SEO Success With Your Blog You can just be sure that no matter how niche your industry is, someone will always be looking for useful knowledge, and you want your company to be the one to deliver it to them. When it comes to blogging for SEO success, it’s easy for businesses … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce Business – projectcubicle

Leveraging ML, AI, AR, and Chatbots to Boost Sales artificial intelligence examples

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce to Boost Sales The Covid-19 outbreak has hastened the technology revolution names AI in ecommerce. Businesses have understood that the best way to deal with any market shocks and fluctuations is to use cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence examples. Therefore, the e-commerce and retail industries began a new stage in … Read more

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Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing and SEO We all know now that it is very important for a marketing company to have a digital marketing strategy to gain a better position in the digital market in this era. Today, brands are competing to become available online by customers. So if you’re not online, you’re invisible. In this case, … Read more

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Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix Marketing is one of the most important functions for businesses, and so is the marketing mix. Planning is needed to determine the place of the product in the market, which is the key marketing approach. Moreover, it is necessary to determine this plan according to the target customers. Today, businesses appeal not only … Read more

What is Direct Marketing? – projectcubicle

What is Direct Marketing sales methods

What is Direct Marketing? Marketing, which is the most effective way to sell from the past to the present, comes up in many different ways. On the axis of developing technology, the marketing department has benefited from the opportunities. It managed to increase the sales figures by applying some marketing actions. This increases its power … Read more

Marketing in 2022: New Marketing Strategies – projectcubicle

Marketing in 2022 New Strategies for the New Year-min

Marketing in 2022: New Marketing Strategies for the New Year With the new year upon us, it’s time to think about how you can use the changing of the calendars as inspiration for a new marketing strategy plan. For many firms that have suffered during the pandemic, reducing tier service coverage or limiting their sales … Read more

Choosing Your Digital Marketer: 8 Qualities – projectcubicle

Choosing Your Digital Marketer: 8 Qualities to Look For Hiring a digital marketer is easy. But the hurdle is selecting the best out of the rest. The Internet is readily available today, making it possible for anyone to offer digital services. The availability of the internet makes admission requirements minimal to non-existent. Unfortunately, the minimal … Read more