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Best Types of API Testing Tools

API testing is an important phase during API development to configure the application’s performance and upgrade it accordingly. This procedure can be done in both manual and automatic ways. But the most compelling and widely used method is adopting tools for API testing that are very beneficial and accurate to give deep analysis and report the overall application performance. In this article, we have listed the best types of API testing tools that you can consider for getting reliable output. They are cost-effective, more accurate in feedback, and incorporate developers only where it is needed. 

In order to count bugs in API that is recently developed, API testing tools dive deep into the architecture and find out whether the problem is in JSON formatting, HTTPS client-server communication, or URI address which limits the performance of the overall application. That’s how instead you recheck again and again an API by exploring its structure, get help from testing tools that will trace the areas where immediate attention is required.

So, take your time choosing the best option, rather than putting extra effort into a cheaper one. By doing so, the API development process will be smoother and the results will be much better.

Types of API Testing Tools

There are different API testing tools you can use. Even though they all essentially run some basic tests, some of them offer more detailed tests that give you further information. The features of each tool are slightly different and their prices vary. Depending on your budget and the features you need, you can choose the right API testing tool. We have listed some of the best API testing tools you can find along with their features and prices for you to decide which one fits your needs the best.


ReadyAPI testing tool is a paid one and it comes with a yearly subscription plan of $659. Many business owners, specifically large companies, prefer it because of its thorough investigation of functioning, security, and loading features inserted in web apps through APIs. It’s equally suitable for RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL, and other web services. If you need an API testing tool that runs detailed tests and gives you a deep insight, this one might be right for you. 


ACCELQ is a more advanced, cloud-based testing automation management tool specialized for testing all features at 360 tracks, including speed, display, quality, and engagement. For a trial, it is free for a month. Later, $150 is the subscription fee for a month which is mandatory. If you need an advanced tool but cannot decide which one to use, ACCELQ could be a good option. You can try it for free for a month and see if you like it. 

Katalon Studio

For helping beginners and experts to maintain API qualifications, Kalaton Studio is an all-rounder testing tool. It brings in-depth examination of API and provides ease for Windows, macOS, and Linux users to use it for web, desktop, and mobile app investigations. It is absolutely a flexible, quick-pick option that you can claim with a free license. If you are low on budget but need a good API testing tool, Katalon Studio can be your best bet since it’s free of charge. 


Postman is well-known for its overall API development and quality catering services. It is best for API testing as well. Users from all backgrounds, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, can consider it a wise option that can be used as a chrome plugin. Like other testing tools, it provides comprehensive details of each feature coming to the web app from API. You can have it for only $8/month or accessible in the first month’s trial. Postman’s lower pricing and compatibility with all operating systems make it a great option.


If users cannot afford any subscription option and search for one authentic testing tool which is cheaper, REST-Assured provides professional services of API testing. It is excellent for REST API performance checking. One can have it immediately, without paying a single penny for getting its functional panel. So, if you don’t have the budget for an API testing tool, you can try this one and see if you like it.

Which Tests Can I Perform Using API Testing Tools?

Using API testing tools is a productive deal until you know how to use them and how many tests you can perform. Here are some tests you can perform using these tools. If performed one by one, they can make an API super practical, which has no errors and bugs while conducting tasks and connecting apps together.

These tests include:

  • Validation Testing – (accesses if the present system follows the system conditions and operates the expected duties for which it is composed)
  • Functional Testing – (confirms the software operation against the practical terms/stipulations)
  • UI Testing – (a device intended to examine the features of any software that a user will come into contact with)
  • Load Testing – (defines a system’s execution following real-life load requirements)
  • Runtime/Error Detection and Security Testing


Without testing the functionality of API, which is compulsory for administering an application’s most significant roles, no developer can launch applications for commercial use or even private use. Testing has become modern and automated in this advanced world, which you can do using the tools we have listed. How do they work, and what are some best types of API testing tools? This all is mentioned and conveniently detailed in this article. You will be able to find one yourself to kick start a smooth API development journey!


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