What is the Shortcut Key for Save As in Excel?

What is the Shortcut Key for Save As in Excel?

What is the shortcut key for Save As in Excel? Excel is a Microsoft Office program that allows you to enter, sort, analyze and even chart numeric data. Excel also contains a vast library of formulas and functions, eliminating the need for complex calculations by hand. You can also create databases in Excel, which are called “tables.” These tables can be used in conjunction with formulas and functions to quickly generate reports from the data.

Save As can help you save a copy of your new document so you don’t have to re-create it from scratch if something happens to the original. In addition, using Save As will allow you to save the document in various formats, including .xlsx, .xlsm and .csv. Saving a file as a .csv (or comma-separated value) file will allow you to open it in Microsoft Excel or in other spreadsheet programs such as OpenOffice Calc or Google Docs.

What is the shortcut key for Save As in Excel?

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What is the shortcut key for Save As in Excel?

The “Save As” function in Excel is used to save a copy of the spreadsheet you are currently working on. This is different from the standard “Save” function, which saves changes to the file that was already saved on your computer. When you use “Save As,” Excel will prompt you to name the file and select a location for it. It will then create a new file with the list of changes you have made.

Here are some important things to know about using “Save As”:

  1. If you want to save your document as an Excel spreadsheet, but don’t want to save any changes you’ve made since your last save, use “Save As.”
  2. You can also use this function if you want to save a backup copy of your work in case something happens to the original file.
  3. If the file has not been saved before, clicking on “Save As” will prompt you to name and locate the file before saving it.

Short Answer! Save As Shortcut in Excel – Easy Tutorial

What is the shortcut key for Save As in Excel?

If you use Excel, Word or PowerPoint a lot, you’re probably aware that there are tons of useful keyboard shortcuts for speeding up your work. But did you know that there’s also a shortcut for the “Save As” function?

This way, if you’re in the middle of editing a document and want to save it under a different name, you can just hit the shortcut keys (there are two options) and a Save As window will pop up automatically. This way, you won’t have to click through all the menus to get to the same function.

This shortcut is especially helpful if you frequently save different versions of files as you edit them. Follow along below and I’ll show you how to do it!

Follow these steps to Save As on Excel

1. Click the File menu (top left of the window).

2. Press click “Save As” in the pop-up menu.

3. Type in a name for your file.

4. Click the “Save as type” bar and choose the format you want your file to be saved in (e.g., PDF, CSV, etc.)

Save and Save as Keyboard Shortcut for Windows

What is the shortcut key for Save As in Excel?

One of the most used keyboard shortcuts is Ctrl+S, the Windows keyboard shortcut for saving an open program. However, if you want to save a file under a new name, you may be out of luck. This is because when you press Ctrl+S in a program like Word or a browser, it only saves that file under its current name. If you want to save it under a new one, you need to go through the entire Save As process instead. But what if I told you there was an easy way to save your files as something new?

Excel “Save As” Video

The easy way to save your file is by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S. This will bring up the Save As screen where you can choose where and how to save your file. You’ll notice that this keyboard shortcut is made up of three keys: Ctrl, Shift, and S (the same as the regular Save function). The difference between this shortcut and the regular one lies in that extra Shift key—once you’ve got your fingers on those three keys, just press them simultaneously on your keyboard and voilà! Your computer will do all the work for you from there.

So, the keyboard shortcut to save a document in Windows is Control+S. In Mac OS, the keyboard shortcut is Command+S. Also known as a “hotkey” or “accelerator key,” this shortcut is used by pressing and holding down the Control or Command key while pressing the letter S once. Pressing the keys simultaneously will cause the Save dialog box to appear at the top of your screen.

What is the shortcut key for Save As in Excel?

On computers running versions of Microsoft Office that are pre-2007, a different keyboard shortcut may be used, depending on which program you are using. For instance, to save a document in Word 2003 and earlier, press F12; in Excel 2003 and earlier, press Control+S; and in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier, press F5.

If you wish to save your current file under a new name, use the Save As command instead of just saving it. To open the Save As dialog box in Windows and Mac OS X, press Shift+F12; if you are using an older version of Microsoft Office (pre-2007), then follow these instructions:

  1. Word: Choose File > Save As
  2. Excel: Choose File > Save As
  3. PowerPoint: Click File > Save As


As a result, the original file will remain unchanged. You have multiple options for saving a file as different versions, too. When you save a file as something other than the original name, Excel will prompt with four options: have the same file name and location, save in the same place with a different name, save in a different folder with the same name, or save to a different folder and with a new name.

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