Ways to Increase Productivity in a Project Team

Ways to Increase Productivity in a Project Team

Teamwork productivity and how to increase productivity are critical for businesses. Because the employer wants the expectations of the teams to be met as a result of the work. For business goal growth, the productivity in a project team must be under control, even a lot of effort is required to improve productivity. It is difficult to attract the attention of each team player to the project during the project processes. However, achieving this is one of the most important tasks of the enterprise or the leader.

The phenomenon we call productivity in project team is not just about the handling of a metric. A complex process involving multiple corporate disciplines creates productivity and productivity. Therefore, improving productivity in a project team depends on many variables. So what are these variables? Let’s examine it together.

Effective Communication Equals Project Team Productivity

One of the most important steps to improve teamwork productivity is to be able to communicate effectively. Because having a strong communication system is one of the keys to working more efficiently and productively. Especially in the pandemic process, in order to be able to work in the project teamwork, each of the individuals must be able to communicate continuously and healthily online.

Number of Contacts

One of the most important factors affecting productivity in group work is the number of people. According to the results of the research, the most effective and efficient working groups consist of 4-7 people. In more populous groups, productivity is lower.

According to previous observation results, high absenteeism in crowded groups leads to dissatisfaction with the work done, more experience of negative emotions and a decrease in mental and emotional health.

When productivity and number of people are evaluated, it means more or less. You should know that groups of 4-7 people are self-governing and prone to producing innovative solutions.

‘One’  Project Team

Group members must only be on one team.  Multiple tasks reduce individual performance of multiple employees. They also prevent the formation of loyalty and belonging to the group

Everyone Should Gather Under One Roof During the Project

Teamwork can become a difficult and complicated process to manage without having a center. Therefore, it will be beneficial for productivity to have an area that all team employees can access, where all project data is included, where tasks are assigned, that shows the development of the process. Such project management is critical to being able to see and guide the team because the concept of a single team helps all activities to work in a coordinated manner.


Setting realistic delivery dates in accordance with the workload allows the group to work more effectively and efficiently and act faster. Yet, not setting a delivery date, setting dates that are too close or too far away, negatively affects productivity.

Achievable Goals

In order to ensure teamwork productivity, determining the order and the kind of work that the teamn is going to do is very important.  In teamwork, selecting goals as achievable changes everything. It is important to consider the capacities of team members. Process monitoring should be carried out at regular intervals before the reasonable deadline. Also, motivating the team to make the right process provides the project to be in its most successful version.

Feedbacks also Affects the Team Productivity

One of the most critical issues for teamwork productivity is to increase the culture of trust within the team by providing the team with meaningful and constructive feedback on a regular basis. You can only find out by asking them what solutions or resources they need in the face of the challenges faced by each person working on the project, right? In this case, feedbacks are the most important key to making the project even more efficient.

Target-Oriented Project Meetings

The methods of organizing meetings may need to change. Information sharing should be done in moderation in order for the meetings to be productive in the project. Every individual in teamwork should be aware of the meeting being necessary. Moreover, the agenda should be goal-oriented. It is also important not to have many meetings during the day, but to have efficient and adequate meetings. The focus for the productivity and benefit of the team should be quality, not quantity!

 The Importance of Metrics in a Project Team

As with everything else, teamwork improvement is not possible without a result measurement. Therefore, it is important to consider each metric that constitutes teamwork. From productivity to sales, sales to changes in revenue, each metric must be analyzed individually. If teamwork is a whole, measurement of each part of this whole is a need. Also, evaluation of development is necessary for moving group to its more productive version.

Suitable Environment is a Need for Improving the Project Team Productivity

Employees may be bored with the current order and may even be expecting a new and more spacious working environment from the business. Especially for teamwork productivity, it is very important to create areas where individuals can express themselves better and be more productive. How do different workstations sound like where teams can work together effectively? In this way, an environment is created where conscious and concerned employees can work more productively and efficiently!

Balance and Stability

There may be a lot of resources or tactics that the business determines for employees in teamwork. In fact, it is possible to increase the project team productivity and efficiency. Working more minimally and cleanly without exaggeration is the way to reach the goal. This balance needs to be good. In addition, one of the most important steps to increase productivity is undoubtedly stability. When trying to reach the goal within the team, you should never give up and follow the workflow in a goal-oriented way.

Roles and Tasks in the Project Team

One of the most important steps in teamwork to improve the team productivity is to hold discussions with each member of the team regarding their roles and expectations regarding their duties within the team. Priority tasks assignments in these interviews are necessary. Moreover, the time that employees will devote to these tasks should be clear. In addition, the quality and outcome of the expected work must be understood by each individual on the team. In addition, it is critical to give the team the freedom to work after the roles and tasks are determined. This has a big role in increasing team productivity.

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