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5 Effective Ways to Create a Knowledge Base Using LMS   

If we can keep information for extended periods and recall it when needed, our memory is labeled as efficiently operating. The same goes for our organizational knowledge bases. If operational knowledge can be conveniently saved, retrieved, disseminated, and shared, then only the knowledge base can be termed efficient. The knowledge base can prove to be the real reservoir of power for the organization. The correct information delivered right on time has the power to transform the efficiency of a team, making the organization more productive. And to leverage the knowledge base, managing it with a learning management system can be the optimum solution.

It’s a myth that an LMS learning management system is an application to deliver training courses only. If utilized to its full potential, an LMS can perform knowledge generation, organization, distribution, application, and assessment all on a single platform. Although every team has a “memory member” that is often called out to retrieve information when we get stuck, an organization cannot be dependent on a single person’s experience and knowledge. A right LMS like Mindflash can help you leverage the knowledge base to its full strength. With the help of an LMS, knowledge can be practically, systematically, and effectively applied inside the complex corporate environment.  

Here are five effective ways to create a knowledge base using an LMS:

Encourage the Employee to Contribute to the Knowledge Base Creation

Every day, employees deal with products and services. In addition to avoiding common mistakes, they are aware of how to maintain and care for the item. Why not use their insider knowledge in your customer training program? Encourage them to build their product knowledge resources based on their previous experiences. With an LMS, you can reward them with extra credit badges and gamification points. If your outstanding staff creates tailored materials for your customer and organization, You also get to free enhance your customer training knowledge base. 

Make Use of Your Supply Chain for Content Creation.

Your extended enterprise also deals with products and services every day. You can record their videos, collect feedback surveys, and streamline the data to create content for the value generation of the knowledge base. LMS can help you collaborate with customers, stakeholders, supply networks, and strategic partners to streamline the content.

 Record Your Training Sessions Live and Customer Support Calls

You can reutilize your previous text and audio. You can also record live training sessions and record customer support calls for value addition in the knowledge base. Live sessions by experts on products and services are the result of years of experience in that field. This knowledge can be stored and reutilized for new hires for orientation programs. LMS can help you organize this variety of data into pre-designed libraries. You can also leverage the benefits of an in-built authoring tool to curate the content.

Utilize Product or Service Demos for Content

You can request the manufacturer ( in case you are not the manufacturer) for a product or service demo on the usage and application of products. This content is helpful to train employees of different departments, starting right away from the requirement of the product. LMS can help you deliver this training video to another department of the organization.

Downsize User Guides and Modules

You can downsize the prewritten user guides and modules into infographics and microlearning videos. You can also distribute and share the ever-engaging micro-content on a single platform through the LMS.


A right LMS can help you leverage the knowledge base to its full strength. By implementing an LMS, you can utilize its knowledge base in a practical, systematic, and effective way.


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