The Most Popular Productivity Apps For Project Managers

The Most Popular Productivity Apps For Project Managers-min

In this article, we will provide you, our esteemed readers, with information about Productivity Apps For Project Managers, which will be of great help to your business. In this article that will help you about best productivity apps, we will frequently encounter the concept of productivity. There are many paid and free apps for project managers, we will also cover Free productivity apps in our article.

We can list the applications that will help you with productivity in project management as follows:

  • Trello
  • Cardsmith
  • TMetric
  • Slack
  • iMindQ
  • Taskworld
  • Redmine


Trello is strongly recommended by people who can be called experts in software and applications, especially to people who have just entered this industry and to students. In particular, students have to manage the project even though they do not have enough knowledge, skills and experience yet. Because they have to start now in order to take part in big projects later on. However, since they do not have enough knowledge and experience, it would be advantageous for them to prefer easy-to-use applications.

There are many Free productivity apps that are used for projects. Trello doesn’t have many features compared to other apps. For example, there is no list view and task repeater, at the same time, it has less storage space compared to other applications used for this job.

You can integrate many applications in Productivity Apps For Project Managers with each other. For example, if you want to track tasks in the Trello application, you can integrate it with the TMetric application, which I will talk about shortly.


In order to produce a good result in studies, it is necessary to be productive and synthesize many different ideas. This is exactly why brainstorming will have positive effects on the development of your work. Most of the time we write daily tasks on a piece of paper and paste them on the clipboard, the Cardsmith app does the same.

Cardsmith application, which is among the best productivity applications, offers many advantages to its users. Cardsmith, which creates steps according to your pre-planned business process, also has many themes. Cardsmith, which is among the Productivity Apps For Project Managers, will make your work much easier.


If you are using project management tools, TMetric, which is an application that you should know, is an application that can be integrated with other applications. As the name suggests, TMetric is integrated into applications to facilitate time management during the project process. It records how much time you spend during your work. This program, which is especially helpful in saving time, can be useful for you during the project process. With TMetric, a very useful tool among Productivity Apps For Project Managers, you can successfully perform your process planning. Thanks to the boards it contains, you can follow the general process and your daily planning step by step, and you can produce a successful work by saving time.

With the TMetric application, you can make budget planning in addition to time planning. Thanks to the billing feature, you can plan how much budget will be spent in each step of the project and act accordingly. Anyone can easily use this useful application, which is among the free productivity apps, to help the project process.


Although the Slack application, which is among the Productivity Apps For Project Managers, does not provide a good chat and communication environment for the team, it is still a very useful and practical application. It is very advantageous to get quick solutions. It is an application where you can quickly get the data, information and attachments you need.

In the Slack application; It would be much better if there were areas where the team would be in constant motion, such as seminars, mass communication area. However, despite all these shortcomings, it deserves to be among the best productivity applications due to the other possibilities it offers.


For a successful project, you first need imagination, then you need a good team, and then you need applications that will make your work easier during the project process. That’s why using the iMindQ app will make your job easier.

If you’re tired of standard reminders, you’ll love the mind recall automation of this great app. iMindQ, which is an application where you can access data by connecting to topics, also allows you to search for images for free. It is ideal for you to achieve very successful results in terms of productivity. This application, which is among the Productivity Apps For Project Managers, offers you dozens of templates, so you can avoid starting from scratch.


Being disciplined is an important factor for successful and productive work. As the name suggests, Taskworld allows you to create a disciplined working environment by offering very successful lists and tables to its users.

The first issue that a team that wants to be successful in a project should address should be intra-team communication. There are many applications for this, but Taskworld offers you a very successful communication environment and helps you exchange data and information within the team. At the same time, the company guarantees your communication security. This platform, which is included in Productivity Apps For Project Managers, is very useful and simplifies the project process.


There are many applications that will make your work easier during the project process. Each application I mentioned in the previous sections will facilitate your project process by providing you with efficiency in separate areas. Another application that I will tell you about is a very functional application called Redmine.

Productivity Practices for Project Managers help in many areas. Redmine application is a little more difficult to use than other applications. Especially having a cloud-based software can give you extra work. It is highly functional when used with the TMetric app.

The Redmine ap is free to download and install, but you still need a responsible for downloading and installing it.

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