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Estimate To Complete

Estimate to Complete (ETC) Definition & Examples Project managers often wonder how much money they will spend to complete the remaining project works. If the remaining direct costs and indirect costs of the works are more than estimated, clients, funders, … Read more

Certification Benefits: Project Management Professional (PMP)

What Are The Benefits Of Project Management Professional (Pmp) Certification-Min-Min

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an international certification of project management. Combining the top three project management approaches including agile, predictive, and hybrid, you will be able to learn and gain expertise when managing complex projects. The Project Management … Read more

Project Management Certification Programs

Types Of Project Management Certification Programs

Professionals across all industries attend many courses, online project management certification programs, webinars, and training programs to improve their knowledge and have better job opportunities. Many experts have interests in various project manager certification programs and try to find out … Read more

8 PMP Exam Preparation Tips: Crack the Exam!

Pmp Exam Preparation Tips Infographic

Exams are part of our lives. Everybody knows that preparation for an exam necessitates a number of specific critical processes. Getting the PMP Certification does not only requires huge effort but also time and strenuousness because it tests both knowledge … Read more

PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)

Benefits Of Pmp Certification (Project Management Professional) Pmp

If you are working in the field of project management, most probably you know the importance of having PMP certification which is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the simplest terms, it is a professional certification that validates … Read more

Stakeholder Management in Project Management

Internal External Stakeholder Management In Construction And Project Management Infographic

Almost all projects are subject to external influences. Even if everything is clearly defined, all the deliverables are detailed, a project can never exist in isolation. Typically, projects are surrounded by people, organizations, internal and external shareholders who have a … Read more