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The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus said “Panta rhei (Everything Flows)” 2500 years ago. Everything Flows” means nothing is permanent, Everything tends to change. Adapting to changes is inevitable for organizations that want to live longer. A trend can be defined as a change in a general direction. Like other disciplines, project management is changing in the course of time. Team member’s roles, methods, technology, environment, work culture, society, economic conditions, and market demands are changing every day. The modern trends in project management have great impacts on your teams, customers, and business manner. Therefore you need to be aware of the latest project management trends to keep up with the times. In this article, we talk about project management trends and the future development of project management.

Modern Trends in Project Management

Project management is defined as the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the project. The aim of project management is to complete the project successfully by achieving the project goals and meeting the customer’s requirements. One of the most primary constraints in project management is to achieve all of the project goals.

Technological improvements, changes in the market conditions, and other impacts transform the field of project management. So what is the future of project management looks like? As a project manager, do you think you will manage the project team in the same way in the future as you are managing today? Most probably, you will take an active role in the change in your organization and drive the innovations to respond to the market demands. Before talking about the latest project management trends, let’s discuss the future of project management.

Future Development of Project Management

Project management practices are applicable to all industries. Considering the expansion of digitalization, the demand for skilled project managers is increasing. Due to technological improvements, project management practices are evolving. But how does it affect the future of project management?

The number of big projects is globally increasing every day. It is obvious that, within the next ten years, organizations of all sizes will need skilled people more than today. Correct use of technologies will improve the efficiency of project management.

It is possible to predict the future of project management considering today’s technological changes. Project Management will involve the same Planning, Reporting, Resource Allocation, Resource Leveling, Risk Management, and Quality Management Practices in the future as it is involved today. With the help of digital transformation, all of them will be easier than before. Because digital transformation will improve the capabilities of project and resource management.

However, rapid technological change, complexity, interdependence, and globalization will increase competition among companies. Therefore, project managers will face more risks that will be out of their control.

6 Project Management Trends

Here below are 6 project management trends we have complied for you. It is obvious that there are more trends in project management but we think below are the most important ones.

Expanding Digitization

Traditional project management methodologies and practices have been changed due to emerging technologies. Expanding digitization provided us an invaluable point of view to transform our business manner and respond to customer demands. Using network devices, software, and applications allows us to exchange project data rapidly. Unlike past projects, today, most of the communications are through computers or smart devices. Today’s project managers use many technologies on a project to integrate equipment, create network systems and transfer data to increase efficiency.

Expanding Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is like human intelligence. But the difference is the AI is processed by a computer. Artificial Intelligence assists project managers to allocate resources, select the best alternative, prioritize projects according to given criteria. Artificial intelligence and Machine Intelligence support decision-making processes within the organization. However, today capabilities of AI are limited. For example, some project management tasks such as negotiating with the client can be done just by the project manager.

Implementing Hybrid Methodologies

Implementing Hybrid Methodologies is in our project management trends list. Project managers use different methodologies for different types of projects. Considering the complexity of the projects, conventional methodologies are outdated. It is obvious that using just one type of methodology while project management is not enough to bring success. Therefore project managers adopt hybrid methodologies which include both traditional and agile principles to respond to the needs.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important project management trend. Emotional Intelligence is an interesting concept. It is not a technical skill for a project manager. Emotional intelligence is an ability that every project manager should possess. Successful project managers could identify and manage their emotions as well as others involved in the project. In other words, project managers with high emotional intelligence handle relationships with others judiciously and empathetically. Recommended Article: Project Manager Skills and Competencies

Project Management Office

PMO’s are gaining popularity in today’s projects. A Project Management Office is a group of professionals who are authorized to define and maintain standards for project management within the organization. It provides documentation, metrics, and practices to the projects of the organization to ensure that the projects will meet the pre-defined objectives. It closes the gaps between the defined standards of the organization and the execution methods of the projects.

Project Management Dashboards

Project management dashboards are effective tools that help project managers to take control of their projects. Performance measurement is all about interpreting numbers and key performance indicators. The dashboards demonstrate metrics regarding the project’s performance. Therefore, they are very important in today’s project management approaches.


The future of project management is often discussed by visionary people. They describe various models, ideas, and technological improvements. Expanding digitalization and artificial intelligence will shape our organizational productivity in the future. Hybrid Methodologies will be inevitable for tomorrow’s projects that will be much more bigger and complex than today’s.

In this article, we discussed the future of project management and listed six project management trends to help your organization to be aware of technological improvements. As a project manager, understanding each of the trends will make you more successful in your business.

Obviously, project management trends will change over time. Therefore, we will talk about new trends in a couple of years. So, what do you think about technological improvements? Please share with us your insights regarding the modern trends in project management.

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