How to Control Smartphone Activities of a Child

How You Can Control Smartphone Activities of Your Child-min

Nowadays, the use of a smartphone has become very common. Irrespective of age, individuals are using smartphones to do various activities. Even the kids are also well acquainted with the functioning of the phones. Starting from playing online games, browsing sites, or chatting with friends, kids and teens are using their cell phones always. However, while they are using their devices and browsing the internet, they do not know that they can be affected by cyberbullying or get calls from someone unknown. Getting messages from unknown people can attract many teens, and they start chatting with them. This will further lead to threats and other cybercrime issues if you do not have phone monitoring app. So what to do to control smartphone activities as a part of parental control?

As a responsible parent, you want to consider a phone monitoring app for parents that will help you control the activities of your kid on the phone. In this case, you should follow some of the steps that are really effective and useful. For many parents, the convenience of knowing where their kids are all the time can be done easily by giving them a smartphone.

It is seen that more than 80% of children under the age of 16 have a mobile phone. But, as with other things, smartphones have both good and bad sides. Even for the kids, the issues get trickier. If you want to block restricted calls to your kid’s phone or track his or her activities on the phone, you can install spy software that will help to track call lists, messages, and browsing.

What Are the Simple Ways Followed by Parents to Track Their Kids’ Phones?

  1. Ask your child whether he or she knows that person they are friending on social media.
  2. Does the content that your child is watching appropriate for the age and maturity level?
  3. Check whether your child is bullying or being bullied by others on social media.

The parents should speak to their children about what the other kids are doing with their phones before resorting to control smartphone activities. It will help the parents to know what their kids are watching on social platforms. It is also good to explain to your kids what is good and what is bad in social media. Parents should also set guidelines for their kids about the topics if they will not resort to use phone monitoring app for parents:

  1. Texting while driving – yes, it is very bad. Suppose you see your child texting or calling while driving; stop them immediately. Texting while driving makes accidents more prevalent than in normal times. So, you should be aware to your kids that it is very bad to call or text while driving.
  2. Sexting – sending sexually-related pictures or messages is not acceptable at all. These messages are permanent and can be easily shared with others.
  3. Allow phone-free time – set phone-free time for your kid. Consider making fixed times like family meals from 9 pm to 8 am, which are considered phone-free times.
  4. Kids can keep their phones in a particular area, or the parents can restrict phone usage for some time daily.
  5. You should prevent your kids from sharing personal information such as addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and personal pictures with strangers.
  6. Restrict the activities of your kids on the phone by installing certain software that will help to track the activities of the kid.

iPhone: Monitoring Your Child’s Phone for Parental Control

Parental control extends much beyond setting screen time restrictions, managing screen time, and ensuring your child’s safety on Snapchat. It also entails monitoring the whereabouts of your younger children using the GPS on their smartphones or certain applications. You may follow the position of your child’s phone if they are riding the bus to an empty house or walking home alone. So you can check in if they forget to contact you to say they’ve arrived home safely.

You may make advantage of a few of the capabilities of the program to locate your youngster to control smartphone activities.

These instructions will show you how to use Family Sharing to locate your kid.

Go to Settings on the phone your child is using.
Select Location Sharing.
Tap Location Sharing
You may also use the Find My Friends app to find your kid.

You may use this iMessage shortcuts to check your child’s whereabouts without having to use the Find My Friends app:

Access a text message conversation between you and your kid.
At the upper right of the screen, choose “i.”
You can monitor how much time your child spends on their phone if you’re worried about it.

Go to Settings on the phone your child is using.
Tap Activate screen time
Select “Set Up as Parent”

Android: Control Smartphone Activities for Parental Control

Users of Android phones should know that the Android operating system enables parents to make things a little bit simpler for themselves by allowing them to set up several user accounts on a single mobile device. This allows you to share the phone with a kid while maintaining separation between the applications on your phone and the child’s phone and then control smartphone activities.

To make use of this function, go to Settings > System > Multiple users > and then turn the “Multiple users” switch to the “on” position. You have the option of creating a new user profile for your kid right here. Swipe down from the top of the screen on your phone, then select the blue User symbol to switch the phone over to the child’s profile. It is important to note that not all Android phones come equipped with this capability; even the most recent Samsung Galaxy phones do not have it.

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The Final Word on Parental Control Apps

The use of certain phone monitoring app can help in limiting texts, voice messages, and data. It also receives alerts on phone activity, monitors the number of texts, and reviews and blocks contacts and control smartphone activities. One of the best applications to restrict the activities on the phone is mSpy which restricts unwanted phone numbers from reaching your kid’s phone and further l

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