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With digitalization taking control over everything, marketing is no exception. So, if you have been reviewing and filtering digital marketing ways, one thing that would have not gone unnoticed is YouTube. The present-day most popular, high-earning, successful YouTube channel someday started as free or a basic one and over time, using the right strategy, they become a money-making project. As per the stats, an average YouTuber makes somewhere around $18 for its 1000 video views. This is interesting, instead. So, if you too have some creative plans and ideas in mind that you wish to monetize through YouTube, we will walk you through all the important things that you need to know. What makes YouTube earn money, the best video editor for YouTube, and more? Stick with us till the end and keep reading to learn earning money on Youtube.

Part 1. How YouTube Helps Earn Money – Means and Methods

We all are well aware that YouTube is not only for entertainment but also a good source of promoting service. But if you have been wondering how, this part of the topic will be a good read for you. Here we will discuss the different ways by which YouTube can be a means of earning money.

First of all, you need to know that uploading videos on YouTube do not result in monetization. To earn money, you need to enable the option of monetization from your YouTube Settings account. Once activated, you can join the Partner Program on YouTube or get your videos to appear on the Premium account for earnings.

Method 1. Joining the YouTube Partner Program

To start monetizing your YouTube channel and content, YouTube Partner Program is the first and most important requirement. If your channel gets 1000 subscribers and 4000 views from the public you can be reviewed for joining the program. Once the program is successfully activated, you will earn money when the ads of your channel are clicked and watched by the user.

Method 2. Getting featured on YouTube Premium

Creating Youtube Videos How To Earn Money On Youtube

To allows the viewers to watch ad-free videos, you can go for the paid premium membership called YouTube Premium. Once the membership is active the total distribution of the revenue will be decided based on the content watched.

Method 3. Endorsing Affiliate Products in The Videos for Earning Money on Youtube

The method works for the channel which has gained good popularity and followers. Here, the businesses will reach out to you for promoting their products on your channel, and in return for this, they would pay you. Make sure to comply with YouTube policies while using this method.

In addition to the above, live streams through super-chat, becoming a YouTube influencer, and product leading are some of the other ways to make money from YouTube.

Part 2. The Best Video Editing Tool for Creating High-quality YouTube videos

Whatever may be the method of YouTube earning, the most essential requirement for the success of your channel is high-quality videos. For your channel to grow and be successful you want the existing viewers to keep visiting and the new ones to join too and this will only happen when your videos are interesting, catchy, engaging, and of high quality.

So, if you too wish to create some amazing videos for your YouTube channel and then earning money on Youtube. But are clueless about how to start- we suggest going for good video editing tool and here we recommend Filmora Video Editor as the best option.

An easy-to-use interface and a wide range of basic and advanced editing features make Wondershare Filmora Video Editor an excellent choice. Not only you can crop videos, and edit videos, but perform a host of other interesting features.

So, let’s dig deeper into some of the key features of the software.

  • Easy and user-friendly interface:

The first and foremost thing that any user looks into video creation and editing tools is the ease and quickness of use and Filmora just fits in perfectly here. In a few quick simple steps, the program allows you to create and customize videos in no time.Don’t forget to choose the best one for earning money on Youtube.

  • Advanced Effects and Transitions:

To make your videos enriching, the software comes loaded with transitions, filters, motion elements, and titles. Some of the latest ones include Boris FX Continuum, NewBlue FX, and more.

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  • Green Screen. With the Green Screen Chroma Key feature of the tool, background changing is like a cakewalk. So, let your creativity take a roll and change the video background using Green Screen in just a single click. Also, you can add some interesting effects to your videos.
  • Masking and Blending. You can mask and blend your videos like a pro and take the video-watching experience to an all-new level. The tool comes with 18 blending modes from which you can choose the most suitable one.
  • Speed Ramping. Add some cinematic effects to your videos by adjusting the speed with good control over your keyframes. The tool offers 6 preset speed ramping templates to choose from.

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  • AI Portrait. Another excellent and useful feature is AI Portrait which helps detect the humans on the video and also removes the background. Effect on the humans in the videos can also be added with a click of a button.
  • Speech-to-text. Using Speech To Text (STT) you can easily transcribe your voice into subtitles quickly.

In addition to the above, there are a whole lot of additional features supported by Filmora to help you create an excellent video of your choice. More in detail about Wondershare Filmora features can be learned from the Filmora Feature page.

Tip: Upload the created video on YouTube and check the performance using analytics for earning money on Youtube

Once your YouTube video is ready, the next step is to upload it on your YouTube channel. And check its performance and this can be possible by studying analytics. YouTube analytics will help you get a fair idea about how the video is performing, areas that need improvement, and more. The key metrics that are studied here include the watch time of the video, the average duration of the video view, and the retention of the audience. Based on analytics, you can make changes to the existing video.

Final Words

Over the last few years, YouTube has proved to be an excellent platform for pursuing your passion and creativity and earning a handsome amount at the same amount. You just need to have ideas about how this can be done and then it’s all set. We hope the content above has helped you find answers to all your queries on how YouTube can be used for earning money.

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