Building Custom Gaming PC

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Building a custom gaming PC is no doubt the best technology investment one can make. Creating a top-quality gaming setup will arguably last longer than today’s flagship smartphones, generate more power than gaming consoles (PS5, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.) and prove to be more versatile than even the best streaming box out there. Whether you spend the most time typing documents, editing multimedia content, or playing the best gaming titles, Custom Gaming PCs are the best shot. In this content, you will learn about some of the most essential components to consider while getting custom built PC.

Understanding the Different PC Gaming Components for Building Custom Gaming PC

1.          The CPU – Processor

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The CPU is the heart of building custom gaming PC. Whether you want a computer for casual or professional gaming, the CPU is what makes it run. Well, you probably already know all these things. You might also know that AMD and Intel are the two leaders in the CPU market.

If you are into casual gaming, an Intel i3 12th Gen. processor or an AMD Ryzen 3 3rd Gen. will be enough for most things. However, if you want to multitask flawlessly while playing hardcore gaming, you might look at Intel’s i5 or i7 series or AMD’s Ryzen 5 or 7 series.

The central processing unit, or CPU, is a kind of microprocessor that is sometimes referred to as the computer’s “brain.” This chip is the most important component of the computer and is packed with millions of very small transistors. The function of the central processing unit (CPU) is to analyze data, make judgments, and find solutions to problems.
This is also where a significant portion of the working memory is used. Because the central processing unit (CPU) and memory operate in tandem to execute programs, the CPU incorporates a discrete section of memory referred to as a register.

2.          The GPU – Graphics Card

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If you are planning to invest in building a gaming computer setup, never compromise with the GPU. The graphics card is the graphics processing unit of the PC. It means that your computer’s CPU alone cannot handle graphics-intensive games. It needs an equally powerful GPU to handle in-game graphics, provide better FPS (frames per second) and run games on higher settings.

AMD and Nvidia are the best suppliers of GPUs in the market. Based on your requirements and budget, choose your GPU. Also, while choosing, remember to have adequate GPU memory if you are about to play graphics-extensive titles like Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, GTA 5, or Cyberpunk 2077.

3.          The Motherboard – Heart of the PC

The motherboard is the heart of all hardware components of the PC. These can be categorized into 4 types –

  • Extended ATX
  • Standard ATX
  • Micro ATX
  • Mini ITX

A gaming motherboard is usually an Extended ATX motherboard with plenty of PCIe slots, RAM slots, and other connectors. But, that is not all for building custom gaming PC. Buying a motherboard should incline more towards compatibility than other things. For example, one cannot fit an AMD CPU on a motherboard that is meant to house an Intel chipset. Therefore, consider buying the motherboard carefully.

4.          The RAM – Memory

Building Custom Gaming Pc

The RAM or memory of the computer decides how much data the device can process at any given time. In simple words, the RAM stores data to provide them back to users whenever they need it instantly. If you are assembling a custom gaming rig, having at least 16 GB of RAM is a must. On the other hand, heavy gamers need 32-64 gigs of RAM for the best performance.

Building Custom Gaming Pc

Tips for Building Custom Gaming PC

Before beginning this procedure, you need to be aware that personal computers are difficult and unpredictable machines. When you attempt to launch your computer for a test, one erroneous action might lead you to run into troubles. If you do not take enough precautions to prevent the development of static electricity, you run the risk of inadvertently destroying one of your pricey components.

This method requires a high level of concentration and accuracy for many hours. If this is your first time, it is highly recommended that you bring a reliable buddy along with you, particularly if they have previously assembled a computer.

To begin the process of construction, you will need a level surface and either an iPad, a laptop, or a phone on which to view a lesson on your device of choice. Building a computer is easiest when you have a companion video telling you precisely what to do and the sequence in which you should do the steps.

It is important to keep in mind that every custom-built computer has its own unique characteristics since the components used in each design are distinct. If you’re having trouble with a component that the person in the video guide doesn’t have, you may try reading the instructions or, even better, searching for a construction video that has your specific computer case, motherboard, or CPU.

Final Words on Building Custom Gaming PC

Building a new gaming computer from scratch is daunting. Almost infinite components are available out there that might seem like a lot to take in. The internet has tons of articles and blogs about Custom Gaming PCs, but they focus more on promotion than information. Hopefully, this article provided you with some vital information that you needed to know. If you are working on your custom built gaming PC, we are sure to recommend you reading many articles and watching dozens of videos.

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