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Basics of Creating a Great Guest Post Idea for Any Industry or Niche

Guest posts are a great way to build and maintain relationships with clients and other business partners. The posts are a golden opportunity for your brand to grow. They can introduce new customers and drive awareness for existing businesses. The posts can also share your expertise with other brands. Guest posting to build your brand will help you bridge the gap between when you are ready to establish the business and hiring employees. It also enables you to provide value to others. Below are some basics of creating a great guest post idea for any industry or niche.


Think About the Guest’s Company

A good understanding of who your potential guest is will allow you to deliver content that will resonate with them personally and professionally. You should research their company, social media presence, website, etc., before even approaching them with the idea of writing for their blog or publication. You can do this yourself by reading their social media profiles or directly reaching out to them. If a public relations or marketing firm represents them, you should ask these professionals how you can be of assistance.

Identify Their Niche


Some businesses and organizations have general audiences, whereas others focus on a niche audience. Take the time to find out those for whom the content you will be writing will be intended, i.e., their niche. Ensure you separate their business from society as a whole. What is more, it is essential to know why they do what they do. With this, your guest post will speak to them in a way that helps them succeed in their industry/niche.

Get to Know Them

Your blog or social media pages are great places to start a dialogue between you and the company you hope to target for a guest post service. Their social media profiles will likely have information about who they are and how best to reach them. On occasion, you may find that they even have profiles on the same social networks that you do. If so, see if they will accept your friend request and begin a conversation with them there. This is also where knowing their niche/product can help build the relationship that will benefit both of you.

Pitch Your Ideas

Now that you have done your homework and have better understood the company/organization and its niche, it is time to pitch ideas. You will want to open with an introduction of yourself. Ensure you also request more information about the company itself. A brief explanation of what you would like to write about will follow. If you are emailing them, try to make your pitch no longer than one full page. If they are interested in your idea, they will likely respond within a few days. If not, they may take a few weeks or even months before replying. No matter which way it goes, be persistent but respectful.

Follow Up

You should do this step even if they show interest in the idea you have pitched to them. People tend to forget about things over time, whether a week or a month. Please get back in touch with them. Be sure that they still are interested in having you write for their blog/publication. If they are, give them a rough idea of when your post will be ready to be published. If not, ask if there is anything else you can do for them until an opportunity arises for you to fulfill your guest blogging duties.

Deliver Your Post

Once you have drafted your blog post or article, please send it to the person or organization who requested it. If they have given you specific posting guidelines, follow them. Some may not have unique demands. They instead give you a general idea of when they would like your piece to go live. Make sure that you give them ample time for their staff to read and review what you have written.

Both parties in a guest blogging relationship need to cover all bases. Be proactive and get to know these people before pitching your ideas. It will help make your guest post opportunity that much more effective. The most extensive reason guest blogging is effective is that it saves you time. Guest posting gives you your platform without all of the extensive hassles that come along with it.


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