5 Tips to Keep Your Marketing Team Motivated and Effective

5 Tips to Keep Your Marketing Team Motivated and Effective-min

There are times when all marketing employees willingly complete everything on your to-do list, and there are times when they dream of being anywhere other than the workplace. It is perfectly normal for employees to lose their motivation from time to time, especially in the marketing department. But when your co-workers in your business are constantly leaving, it starts to cause problems for your business, and it is a signal for you to work on team motivation. For these reasons, we have compiled scientific research-based tips to help motivate you and your team every day. In this article, we will be talking about how to keep your marketing team motivated and effective, but the tips we will share can be implemented in other departments as well.

The tips we will be sharing are not specific to any industry. They can be applied to small businesses, franchises, startups, and giant holdings. Let’s start with something vital that has the potential to change everything.

1- Appreciate the dedication and great work of your marketing team

One of the most essential factors contributing to employee motivation is how often hard work is appreciated. 70% of employees say that with the appreciation of their managers, motivation and morale will increase throughout the organization. After all, why should a person continue to be a high-performing employee if they put a lot of effort into a project and get exceptional outcomes, but their efforts are not recognized? That’s why appreciating the contributions of your team or employees is quite important. Working as a marketing specialist is already challenging, so why not be nicer to them?

Employee recognition should be meaningful and frequent, not just an annual bonus at the end of the year. For example, after a project that you have given a lot of dedication to, which has made great contributions to the company and has been beneficial, the boss calls you to his room and says, “You are great, so you will get a $200 raise, yearly.” This is not the right way. You are alienating the employee from working and from his life. Money is often an appropriate form of appreciation, but not the most effective form of appreciation. Treat employees as valuable team members, not as a number.

2- Set small and measurable goals

We all have ongoing or never-ending projects. Being stuck in a position can be really frustrating. So it will feel good to see the employee making measurable progress. It will also be a clear indication that the work they do makes a difference for them. Setting clear and attainable goals gives the team a boost of motivation each time they are met and keeps them on pace. Celebrating these achievements by taking the next step will increase the effects you create. Also, you as a boss and your marketing team should follow the latest trends in digital marketing.

3- Celebrate the achieved goals

Setting realistic and quantifiable goals is critical since it allows you to recognize and reward your team’s efforts. Of course, this does not imply that every person who completes their work on time deserves a standing ovation, but it is critical that each employee understands how and how much their contribution has helped the company. This tip is vital for team motivation.

Personalize your celebrations. Don’t just say, “Well done, thank you.” Praise their success in front of others. You should also help them see how their little work can help the company to grow in the bigger picture. You can say that they did an incredible job on their most recent task and mention that it will help the company make further progress. This way, the employee will feel unique and worthy as an individual.

4- Always look positive

Let’s be realistic. We are somewhat skeptical of people who are always happy. But the general state of positivity and happiness will have a dramatic effect on your work and motivation. The team leader of a marketing team must be always positive, energetic, and charismatic so they can be boosting the energy levels of their team. Negative emotions have their place and can sometimes affect how we communicate and even the very foundations of our relationships.

To change this situation and create a positive workplace, it’s important to find ways to add positive experiences to your team’s interactions. Why? Because having happy employees is a great competitive advantage. Research shows that happiness increases work productivity by 31% and sales by 37%. This happy vibe can be even more helpful in creativity-based departments such as digital media and social media teams. It turns out that happiness and positivity play a bigger role than you can imagine in the success of your business and on team motivation.

5- Create a safe environment for your marketing team

We are not talking about hiring a bodyguard for your office. You have to make sure your employees feel safe in your workplace! We are talking about employees feeling confident enough to show themselves in meetings or talking to their manager or taking initiative. Maslow’s theory suggests that there is a hierarchy of basic needs before people are motivated to reach their full potential. There should be no team leader who has not seen this pyramid. Safety is one step above physiological needs such as food and water. Also, we need to mention that marketers need to be creative and creativity comes when you have a personal space that you feel safe in. This is essential for team motivation.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, Motivating Marketing Team Article
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Motivating Marketing Team Article


Let’s wrap things up. After thinking about our tips to motivate marketing team, questions business managers should ask themselves are:

  • Can we offer our marketing team a healthy life?
  • Does the work environment create a safe and suitable environment for everyone? Do we try to boost creativity by giving them enough space? Does the team trust management’s decisions?
  • Can we give our employees a sense of belonging? Do we create opportunities for our employees to communicate with each other
  • Do I appreciate the hard work of my marketing team? Should we have a corporate culture based on respect and appreciation?
  • Do we support employees to develop and reach their potential while we provide enough space for them to achieve these goals?

When employees feel safe, they project their potential into business results, the sustainable profitability of the business, and ultimately the “total profitability.”

If you want to generate additional income for your business, it’s time to ask yourself the above questions. You should spend effort on keeping you team motivation high. If you motivate marketing team, you will see the possible consequences of this in your income too. Do never forget: This is a win-win situation. It’s up to you to live a richer life in every way by making others happy and with greater respect for them.

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