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Working as a Marketing Specialist and How to Become One

What do marketing specialists do and how much is the marketing specialist salary? In a nutshell, they’re coming up with marketing campaigns for specific projects on various marketing channels and try to maximize sales on running programs. Plus, they have to ensure that marketing strategies get executed according to the plan. And if it doesn’t produce the required results, they need to change the plan.

The more specific tasks of a marketing specialist depend on the brand they’re working with. Travel resorts with Sizzling Hot might emphasize more Facebook ads, whereas a shoe retailer might focus more on picture-based platforms like Instagram. Whichever marketing channels the marketing department ends up using, the primary aim is to generate an audience’s interest in the products they’re advertising.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Then check out our quick overview of what to expect from the job of a marketing specialist and how to become one. Here we go.

Marketing Specialist – the Job Brief

Whenever a company is looking for a marketing specialist, the job brief usually mentions that they need someone to take care of their marketing efforts. That means developing and executing marketing strategies and reaching goals in sales. But to be successful in these tasks, the campaign experts need to understand and predict trends in consumer behavior. That enables them to come up with creative ideas that can entice an audience to buy certain products.

A specialist should also know the marketing basics, the classical approaches to advertising, and all the latest fads in marketing tactics. In the best-case scenario, the marketing campaigns won’t only sell a lot of products. They’ll also help to grow the reputation and reach of the brand behind the products.

Here are the primary responsibilities of a digital marketing plan specialist in more detail:

  • Analyze a variety of marketing data like the results of previous marketing campaigns, conversion rates, etc. This information helps in future strategies. 
  • Choose the correct marketing channels to reach a specific target audience. 
  • Work together with influencers and other marketers to increase your audience’s awareness of the brand you’re promoting on various marketing channels.
  • Come up with creative ideas for marketing campaigns.
  • Keep researching the target market to understand the latest trends in people’s purchasing habits.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Marketing Specialist?

Every marketing specialist earns a different amount, with the average being about $45,000 per year. The marketing specialist salary depends on previous experience, the marketing budget of the company you work with, etc. But here’s something peculiar about making money as a marketing specialist: sometimes the initial salary will be no more than $0. How does that work? Once you’ve got a track record of successful campaigns under your belt, you can skip the monthly payments for your work and negotiate a part of the campaign profits instead. In the best-case scenario, 10% of profits can be $1million or more.

How to Become a Marketing Specialist

Look, digital marketing decisions carry a lot of weight and can make or break a company. That’s why most employers look for a marketing specialist with both a bachelor’s degree in marketing and some field experience. So the first step in your new career would be to enroll in marketing courses and earn your degree. And don’t worry, you don’t have to relocate to another city for that. Many universities offer online courses that teach you everything you need to know to become persuasive and confident in this field. You’ll also learn all the moves in the digital world that will ensure success in modern social media-driven marketing campaigns.

Focus on a Specific Niche

There are many marketing examples, ranging from lead generation to social media to retention, product, and content advertising. If you want to become successful at any of them, it’s vital to focus on one niche at a time. Here’s a closer look at three different specialization options. Check it out. Maybe you’ll spot your favorite!

  • Market research specialists survey the prospects and existing clients to recognize their needs and satisfaction with the available products. They’ll also measure the efficiency of the strategies at work and analyze competitors’ actions.
  • Product retail experts aim to increase an audience’s awareness of the goods a company manufactures. They devise launch campaigns and even advise the development team to make sure new products have all the features the customers need. 
  • Content advertisers take care of case studies, testimonials, emails, and blogs. Their primary aim is to generate leads and retain existing customers. To do the job well, they need to be good at copywriting and writing in general.

On the Job Experience – Start Somewhere

Let’s face it: most employers usually look for someone who has years of experience. Years of working give the candidate enough knowledge to contribute to pitch meetings and brainstorming sessions. So, where should you start gaining valuable field experience? Luckily, young and smaller businesses are also willing to hire an inexperienced specialist. But you need to show enthusiasm for marketing and keep working towards getting your degree. Some companies also enable students to participate in internships that allow them to gain hands-on direct marketing experience.

In Summary

Marketing, by definition, means advertising and selling products and services. And since we live in times with an exceptionally bustling online economy, the answer to the question “are marketing jobs in demand?” is a 100% yes. The work tasks vary depending on the niche of marketing you’re focusing on. But your primary duty will be coming out with creative solutions for marketing campaigns that often have limited budgets. It’s a fun and adventurous job that can make the top performers a lot of money. So, enroll in a marketing course today if you haven’t done it already. You can get plenty of entry-level jobs when studying and start working with reputable companies soon after finishing. It’s all up to you.

Which marketing books are you reading right now, and what have you learned from them? Share your marketing knowledge in the comments.

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