Why is Link Building Necessary for SEO?

Why is Link Building Necessary for SEO

Most of us have an idea or so about SEO, but hardly anyone ever talks about link building. Link building is one of the most important factors through which SEO works and benefits online businesses. And if you are someone trying to understand how it benefits SEO services, here is a complete guide about it. Let’s begin with:

What is link building?

If I have to explain this to you in simple words, link building simply means getting other websites to hyperlink to your websites. Link building acts like a map that helps a target audience to navigate between different websites.

Users can crawl from one website to another with just a few clicks. This helps the SEO to work better and establish your domain authority.

Search engines like Google is a complex and ever-evolving space that requires a calculation of algorithms, hardcore research, and time to make SEO work. That is the reason many people try to use illegitimate means and try to manipulate website ranking through black-hat SEO.

If you want to receive the value that one gets through link building then it’s sincerely advisable to avoid this kind of manipulation. Organic link building is surely a time-consuming process but the returns you get are nothing compared to using a tactic that can potentially lead your website to complete ban.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is, while you are trying to build a network for your website, make sure you use links from higher, authoritative websites than newly built-in ones.

For example, a hyperlink from “NY Times” is going to impact your rankings more than a moderate website with few backlinks. So, make sure you are well equipped with your research because a small move like this can impact your business a lot.

Now, that we have learned a few tips and tricks of link building let’s see how and why link building is important for SEO:

1. Build your brand for link building

If you want to build your brand’s image in an organic way, then link building is the right way to do that. When you start posting high-quality content or post guest-approved comments, you will be seen as an organic brand that does not compromise value with its services.

Creating an authoritative person and backing it up with authoritative voices in the industry can help you build your brand that brings value for a long period of time.

2. Increase traffic

When you hyperlink other websites to yours, it not only helps you rank higher on the search engines but also attracts more traffic. How? If you are linking websites that are relevant to your content, then it’s possible that the target audience is also relevant to yours.

So, if they are visiting the linked website, then your website can also get traffic from them. This is applicable even with small websites.

Many SEO companies make this mistake, but StudioHawk understands the importance of each and every step needed for your brand to get recognized. They know that linking with small websites that have a more relevant audience is more important than building a link with a website that only has a generalized audience.

3. Creating networks

Building a successful website or business is just not about delivering the right product or service, it is also about the after service and a credible network. And the best way you can expand your brand with the least expenditure is through link building. You can link moderate to higher ranking websites and get added to their network.

Consequently, the brands that get associated with them also reach out to you to build relationships and networks. This relationship-building exercise is of utmost importance. Because when consumers go for any new brand they always like to go with trustworthy ones.

So, if you are able to create that then voila! You can reap your rewards soon!

4. More sales opportunities

When traffic is directed to your website, that’s where the sales funnel starts taking action. A lot of them can turn into potential customers or potential future customers.

This means you are spending your expenses in one campaign and reaping benefits in multiple facets. Why would you at all want more reasons to invest in this practice?

How to build link for SEO?

Request backlinks:

This is a fantastic place to start, particularly if you are new to the field. Consider your friends, family, coworkers, partners, and clientele who have blogs or websites. To get a backlink, all you have to do is ask. Instead of links in the sidebar or footer, request in-content links.

Give a reference:

Building testimonial links is a win-win situation. Many companies allow you to leave a comment regarding your experience with their goods. On the other side, it’s a terrific way to gain a backlink and possible traffic from that site. And it generally gets approved much faster than regular link request e-mails.

Create a blog:

Make a blog with more than one article and a single hyperlink to your website. If you do, you have not only squandered your time, but you have also most likely formed another potentially dangerous bond for yourself. You must maintain your own blog if you choose to have one.

List your site in reputable directories:

There are a lot of online directories that don’t give much value to Internet consumers, thus Google has removed them from its search results. You don’t want your site to appear on these pages.
However, not all internet directories are created equal. You want to be featured in a directory that not only allows you to publish a link to your website. But also offers relevant information for your prospective clients.

Write an excellent guest post:
Many websites and blogs will accept your essay for publication. Before you write an article for a website or blog, make sure that: the website or blog is relevant to your topic. The article is NOT about how great you/your company is. And you have a focus on quality (well written, professional, and interesting).

Link Building for SEO…

Since SEO is the present and the future, so is link building. So, make sure you are using organic means and trusting the process and it will surely bring good results.

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