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The Role Of SEO In The Age Of Digital Transformation in 2022

The Role Of SEO In The Age Of Digital Transformation in 2022

In recent years, search engine developers have accustomed us to updating site ranking algorithms regularly. About 10–15 years ago, it was enough to complete the basic settings and make minor updates to the web resource every 2–3 years. Now SEOs are forced to keep abreast of events in the SEO industry constantly: follow trends, adjust settings, update, supplement and improve the Internet project. In 2022, SEO specialists must adapt to the changed transformation. Digital marketing today is extremely growing.

The main trends in website promotion in 2022 are out there for a long time. You should not expect any completely new trends and cardinal changes compared to last year’s requirements of search engines. But the most important aspects have gained more weight, indicating the key factors for the development of the search space. In this article, we will talk about the top latest trends in SEO in 2022 as suggested by SEO specialists. We recommend paying attention to first of all. We will discuss the future of SEO, so pay attention to every point.

How to Do SEO in 2022?

Avoid Legacy Ways to Get Backlinks

Search engine developers reduce the level of influence of links on the positions of sites in the issue. But the link profile is still an important component when ranking sites. Experts are unanimous in their opinion that this order will continue in the coming years, and backlinks will bring additional weighty points in favor of the web resource. But the requirements for the quality of links are getting tougher.

Evaluation of donor sites is becoming a more critical stage of external optimization. It deserves to be given maximum attention and time. One link from an authoritative source that is among the niche leaders and enjoys visitors’ trust is more valuable than a few dozen backlinks seeded on little-known or dubious resources. The choice in favor of the latter may result in falling under the filters of Google and other search engines.

Necessary actions for doing SEO in 2022:

  • careful analysis of donor sites;
  • selection of only authoritative web resources of similar subjects with high traffic rates for link placement;
  • creating interesting and useful content that motivates users to share it;
  • using automatic backlink software.

Content for People

Developers improve the work of search robots, teaching them new skills of qualitative text evaluation. The level of relevance is determined not only and not so much by the presence of a key phrase in the text. But by the correspondence of the information on the site to the intentions of the user entering a query into the search bar.

The intent (the task that the user sets for the system) is not always clear to search robots. Developers continue to implement artificial intelligence technologies in the work of ranking algorithms – MUM and LaMDA.

MUM technology, which is expected to be launched soon, is designed for the most accurate understanding of videos, images and texts. It currently covers 75 languages. It is created to understand the user’s feelings, abstractions, and intentions by deeply assessing their request and analyzing the context of the proposed content options.

LaMDA is a Google machine learning technology that allows you to build dialogues with the user based on their information. The improvement of content analysis technologies proves that high-quality texts, images and videos remain the trend of SEO in 2022 and their role will only increase.

Necessary actions:

  • making the content for your blog more informative and accurate;
  • removal of uninformative pages that do not benefit the target audience;
  • content optimization for low-frequency (conversational) queries.

Content Update for SEO in 2022

Articles whose topic is linked to time need to be updated. Otherwise, they quickly lose relevance and fall in the search results. When choosing the most relevant content for a user’s query, Google gives preference to pages posted later. You need to update not only news and reviews of new products. All site texts require periodic updating. This way, you can show search engines that you are working on the site and improving it. They, in turn, will visit the web resource more often, scan it and, in case of positive changes, raise the page higher in the rating.

Necessary actions:

  • updating information taking into account the latest changes in the subject or niche;
  • adding graphic content; optimization of texts for new/missed requests;
  • update date.

Search engines are more favorable to Internet projects where regular work aims to improve (including updating) content. And this positively affects promotion when worked with professional SEO specialists.

Page Experience

Focusing on user experience predictably leads to an increased focus on the metrics that define the user experience. What was previously only assumed by the optimizers and was not advertised by the system’s creators last year announced its more than significant role in forming the issuance.

Google’s Page Experience algorithm will continue to increase the value of behavioral factors for SEO in 2022. Optimizers and users may have already noticed its impact on search results on mobile devices. This year it will be the turn of computers. From February 2022, the impact of indicators such as page loading speed, visitor data security, usability quality, and overall user experience will increase.

Required updates:

  • site optimization with special attention to Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS), which we have already talked about in more detail;
  • transfer of all pages from the HTTP protocol to HTTPS;
  • checking a web resource for viruses and malware and eliminating them;
  • removal of intrusive elements, in particular, advertising block by SEO specialists;
  • adaptation for mobile devices.


The major trends in SEO in 2022 shaping the nature of search engine promotion in 2022 suggest that Google continues to move towards user experience purposefully. Therefore, the focus is on quality. Only those sites whose owners and optimizers strive to benefit the target audience have every chance to replenish the top ranks of search results.

The work of promotion does not become more complex. It becomes more severe and responsible, making the competitive struggle more exciting.

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