Which One Is Better, Cisco or Huawei Certification?

Cisco or Huawei Certification

At present, there are a few arguments about whether manufacturers’ certification is valuable or not.Huawei is willing to take whatever necessary steps to increase confidence. And adhere to the necessary security standards and regulations. Technology-neutral and uniformly applicable across all organizations and networks should be the goals of cybersecurity standards. Independent and thorough validation should look at the unified cybersecurity procedures once clear and unified cybersecurity standards are available. The two associate-level certifications of certification providers Huawei and Cisco certification must be in review. So, how to apply for Cisco certification and Huawei certification?

The Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCIA) certification:

It is Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA), verifies the skills and knowledge necessary for the setup and critical support of small- to medium-size networks.
The basic TCP/IP technologies, IP network connection, Ethernet technologies like STP and RSTP, VLAN and Link Aggregation, as well as how Huawei switches implement them, will all be covered.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA):

Your ability as a network professional will be shown by your Cisco CCNA Certification. Your ability to build, design, operate, and troubleshoot switched and routed networks will be validated by the Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, certification as well. By using a wide area network (WAN), CCNA professionals might connect to distant locations. They can also minimize network security concerns and comprehending key terms and ideas in networking.
One of the most sought-after job qualifications in the computer industry is the CCNA certification. It is regarded as Cisco’s most well-known certification.
A successful job as a network professional or administrator may be attained by earning your CCNA certification.

  1. Some people don’t think it is worthwhile to apply for Cisco certification.

1) Cisco is not competitive now compared to huawei certification. Because of the wave of IOE (IBM Oracle EMC) and the prism gate incident, large organizations controlled by state-owned assets of government operators don’t use Cisco products.

2) The price of foreign brand equipment is too expensive. Compared with domestic H3C Huawei Ruijie, Cisco has no market competitiveness.

3) The layout of domestic Cisco product distribution agency channel has been completed. And now integrators no longer need Cisco certification to upgrade themselves.

4) At present, Huawei’s IE certificate still has an affiliated market. Integrators who pass the HCIE examination and get the HCIE certificate can also get a certain amount of extra income.

  1. Some people don’t think it is worthwhile to apply for Huawei certification.

1) The United States does not allow Huawei certification and equipment to enter the U.S. market, while pushing Europe to boycott Huawei.

2) Cisco still dominates the world network market with a global market share of more than 50% see detail for this.

3) Mainstream developed countries do not recognize Huawei certification, but only Cisco certification.

4) If people want to emigrate, having CCIE certificate can be a plus.

  1. Perspective.

1) From the perspective of integrated business people, as long as there is no need for certificate affiliation to improve the qualification level of agent, the certification of different manufacturers is like different educational backgrounds. HCIA \ CCNA, CCNP \ HCIP and HCIE \ CCIE are like diplomas issued by different universities to students. As for which manufacturer is superior, it all depends on the personal opinions of the users.

2) From the perspective of engineers in the field of data communication, if your comprehensive ability can meet the requirements of manufacturers, it is the best to enter a manufacturer. The salary in different manufacturers follows the order. Cisco / Arista / Juniper > Huawei / H3C > Ruijie / Maipu.

If you can’t enter a manufacturer, you can work for integrators, the distribution channels of the manufacturer with huawei certification. Which manufacturer to work for? Cisco / juniper > Huawei / H3C > Ruijie.

The reason is the reverse screening of product prices. Foreign equipment is expensive. Most customers out of the reverse screening are high-end rich customers.

  1. Industry ecology.

As for the ecological problem of the industry, in most cases, foreign equipment manufacturers do not directly sell products and services to domestic customers. But through channel agents. Generally speaking, the transaction chain is that users are the customers of integrators and integrators are the customers of manufacturers.

Domestic manufacturers not only distribute products by integrators (channels and agents). But also sell products and services to some high-end and high-value customers across integrators. For the delivery of difficult solutions of new technologies to some customers, the manufacturer’s engineers will also support in person, and the integrators’ engineers just act as assistants.

In the current domestic environment, Cisco has more channel integrators which have the ability to deliver new network solutions such as DNA \ ACI. But in the distribution channels of huawei certification, H3C, most channel integrators do not have the ability to deliver their own new network solutions.

Which One Is Better to Apply for in China, Cisco Certification or Huawei Certification 2-min

  1. The summary.

For those who are new to the IT industry, it is still better to choose Cisco as the starting point. After all, the theoretical system and the integrity of data of Cisco are friendly to novices. The command line is a trivial matter. If you know the technical principle and operate on the device several times, you will know how to run it. As for Huawei’s agent or H3C agent, you can choose whether to apply for the certification on the basis of your need. In the network industry, no matter which manufacturer’s system you choose to learn, you have to contact with other systems of various manufacturers for cutover transformation.

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