What Does Google Cloud Platform Do?

What Does Google Cloud Platform Do

Hello dear readers, today we will discuss Cloud computing, which is a very useful field in our daily life. Today, where technology, the internet and networks are the building blocks of every aspect of our lives, it becomes very difficult to follow technological developments. Today, the most valuable treasure is information. There are various ways to access information, one of these ways is cloud technology. To briefly talk about cloud technology; It is an online service that allows anyone who has access to a device that provides internet, regardless of time and place, to exchange data. There are several cloud providers, but it’s helpful to focus specifically on Google Cloud Platform. It is an easy-to-use and successful platform for beginners. Being equipped and knowledgeable about GCP and Google Cloud Platform components will be very beneficial in your daily life and business.

What are the advantages of using Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform offers many advantages to its users;

  • High Speed:

Today, even 1 second is very important, for this reason, accessing the data quickly and accessing the information we want satisfies all users. Google Cloud Platform  works in conjunction with centers in the Americas, Asia and around the world. High speed has brought high customer satisfaction.

  • Big Data:

Google Cloud Platform has many tools such as BigQuery and others that ensure successful and secure storage of big data. Thanks to the large storage network, users can transfer their data to the cloud network at any time to exchange data.

  • Appropriate Pricing:

Another feature of GCP that has made it very popular in the field of cloud computing is that users can choose the tariffs that fit their budget and get rid of the crazy prices.

Google Cloud Platform offers its users many services in various fields;

Services in the field of management:

There are tools that you can use in the field of business management.

  • Cloud Shell
  • Cloud APIs
  • Cloud Console

Services provided in the field of product development:

Services in software and application development.

  • Cloud Code
  • Cloud Tasks
  • Cloud Scheduler

Calculation services in the field:

Provides services to assist you in the calculation area.

  • Cloud Functions
  • App Engine
  • Compute Engine

Services provided in the network area:

These are the services that will make your work easier when exchanging data on the network.

  • Cloud Interconnect
  • Cloud DNS Network Service
  • Balancing

Cloud software and Ferrero:

Ferrero, a candy and chocolate brand founded in Italy in the 1940s, is world famous. Within a short time of its establishment, Ferrero was recognized for its taste and quality and became one of the most loved and recognized chocolates in the world. As the brand grew, time flew by, after a certain point Ferrero needed a system that could analyze and store in order to reach its production and worldwide customer base. As a matter of fact, the brand, which is very popular all over the world, was receiving data and analysis from all over the world. It became a necessity for ferrero to store a lot of data and to analyze the incoming information and provide a feedback on the needs and requests. The brand wanted to create a customer profile for itself by analyzing the data it obtained. Looking for a solution to this need, the brand met BigQuery, which is also included in Google Cloud Platform. Having found answers to its needs with BigQuery, a fast and functional tool, the brand immediately set to work. Everything started to go as they wanted for the brand, which stored and analyzed the data from all over the world in detail. The company wanted to create a customer profile for itself, so it tried to reach its goal by examining the data obtained in detail. Creating a customer profile in order to create a new marketing strategy was very important for the Ferrero brand, so they were making intensive analysis over Google Cloud Platform components. The story of the brand, which finally found a suitable customer profile for its purpose, reveals the functionality of Google Cloud Platform.

In the story of Ferrero, a chocolate and candy maker, businesses can be inspired to find Google Cloud Platform due to their needs and successfully solve their problems.

What benefits are available to businesses using Google Cloud Platform components;

We live in the age of technology, where technology, internet and networks are the building blocks of every aspect of life. Individuals and institutions even provide their daily work with the completely digital world. It has been attractive to people to get their work done with a single click instead of waiting in long queues in banking transactions. As a matter of fact, companies that grow and develop by following technological developments and adapting to current developments are rapidly gaining popularity among the companies they compete with. History has witnessed that many world-famous companies went bankrupt due to lagging behind technological developments and even their names were forgotten. It is a fact that companies that do not follow the developments and are far from a dynamic structure are likely to disappear.

In the age of technology, concepts such as data exchange, storage and business management have gained great importance in daily life. Data storage is now of great importance for small businesses. It is of great importance to store and then analyze data to determine profit and loss, stock status, customer analysis and supply and demand situation. Information such as the customer profile obtained from the stored data is very important information for the new strategies that the company will implement.

Cloud computing programs fully meet the expectations of companies. In particular, thanks to the Google Cloud Platform, which includes the BigQuery tool, businesses and individuals can easily store their data and access the data they want whenever they want, wherever they want. Companies that analyze their data can set a strategy by creating a road map for themselves and continue to grow rapidly. With Google Cloud Platform components, the company stands out from its competitors and develops. Remember that with Cloud computing you are one step ahead.

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