Upcoming IPOs in 2024 and the Essential Share Market App

A Preview Of Upcoming Ipos In 2024 And The Essential Share Market App

The Indian IPO markets are busy with activity as several mega public issues across new-age digital companies and high-growth enterprises get lined up to launch through 2024. After a solid run in 2023, investors are keenly awaiting some massive Initial Public Offerings planned next year spanning sectors like technology, financial services, logistics, and healthcare. Retail investors interested in investing in upcoming IPOs can benefit from intuitive investment apps like MO Investor. This article looks at the 2024 IPO releases. Investors can use apps to track markets and analyse issues to make informed investment decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • The Indian IPO market is set to witness several mega public offerings in 2024, particularly in sectors like technology, financial services, logistics, and healthcare.
  • Swiggy, India’s largest online food delivery platform, is preparing for a $1.5 billion IPO in mid-2024 to fund expansion and capitalize on the growing food delivery market.
  • PhonePe, a leading digital payments platform, plans to launch an IPO in 2024, aiming to raise around $3 billion and capitalize on the rising adoption of digital payments in India.
  • Ola Electric, a pioneer in electric mobility in India, is gearing up for a blockbuster IPO in 2024, expected to raise over $1 billion to support its expansion in electric cars and battery technologies.
  • Delhivery, a logistics services provider, is eyeing a 2024 IPO to raise over $700 million and take advantage of the booming e-commerce and retail markets.
  • MediBuddy, a digital healthcare platform, is planning to launch an IPO in 2024 after achieving significant growth milestones and expanding its services during the pandemic.
  • PharmEasy, a leading online pharmacy platform, is targeting a mega IPO in September 2024 to tap into India’s growing e-health industry, which is projected to reach $16 billion by 2025.
  • Retail investors interested in these upcoming IPOs can utilize the MO Investor app to track issue details, analyze financial metrics, and make informed investment decisions.

Swiggy – Leading the Food Delivery Market with Upcoming IPOs

Emerging as India’s largest online food delivery platform, Swiggy makes ordering daily food extremely convenient through its superfast delivery service. After further consolidating its dominant market position after the acquisition of Uber Eats India. Swiggy is now preparing for a mega $1.5 billion IPO slated for mid-2024.

Swiggy plans to deploy the substantial capital raised to fund expansion into new cities, invest in emerging lines like its pick-up and drop service Swiggy Genie, and drive growth in this massive market opportunity. Industry forecasts project food delivery orders to multiply rapidly from 403 million in 2022 to a staggering 1.4 billion orders by 2027 as habits change. Given the tremendous growth runway ahead, Swiggy’s IPO will generate huge interest from investors.

PhonePe – Driving Digital Payments 2.0 in India

Emerging as a pioneer of digital payment innovation in India, PhonePe leads the way across UPI payments, online recharges, and financial services catering to 40 crore users nationally. PhonePe’s user stickiness, transactional leadership across Tier 2/3 cities and personalised offerings like wealth management make it the go-to payments app for millions.

Now, PhonePe is preparing for an upcoming IPO 2024, expected to raise around $3 billion and achieve a valuation exceeding $12 billion. PhonePe seeks to deploy the capital raised to double down on high-conviction bets across merchant payments, financial services, data sciences and advertising. While consolidating its pole position in India’s booming digital payments landscape. Given the forecasted exponential rise in digital payments adoption and transaction value over the coming decade, PhonePe’s 2024 listing will undoubtedly garner tremendous investor interest.

Ola Electric – Pioneering EV Mobility Transformation

Through a slew of breakthrough product and technology innovations, including advanced indigenous battery technologies, seamless mobile connectivity systems and the cutting-edge Ola Futurefactory. Ola Electric has made rapid, decisive strides towards transforming electric mobility in India since its launch.

Ola Electric now prepares for a blockbuster Upcoming IPOs in 2024. Likely before Diwali, aimed at raising over $1 billion to fund its expansion across electric cars, cell R&D. And next-gen battery technologies as it looks to electrify mobility at scale. As Ola Electric steers ahead in its journey to make India the global EV hub. Hence, revolutionising mobility outcomes for millions, market analysts are betting big on its impending market redefining public issue.

Delhivery Eyeing 2024 For Its Mega Public Issue

As India’s largest fully integrated logistics services player, Delhivery provides its enterprise customers with a host of solutions. Including transportation, cross-border supply chain, warehousing and more. So, after filing its DRHP in 2021, Delhivery has 2024 in sight to launch its IPO. Seeking to raise over $700 million and eyeing high growth in booming e-commerce and retail markets.

MediBuddy – Digital Healthcare Platform


MediBuddy operates an integrated digital healthcare platform offering subscribers convenient access to doctors online, medicine deliveries, lab tests/health packages and mental wellness support, among other services. Using cutting-edge technology and product innovation, MediBuddy makes quality healthcare easily accessible with improved convenience. During the pandemic, MediBuddy enabled uninterrupted medical support, benefiting millions of users.

MediBuddy achieved remarkable growth milestones over the past year. Expanding its national footprint. Then, boosting consumer touchpoints and broadening its service portfolio. Corporate investors like Motilal Oswal now look to launch MediBuddy’s IPO in 2024 to help unlock value. Hence, expecting a wholesome returns given the platform’s exponential growth.

Pharmeasy – Online Pharmacy Leader with Upcoming IPOs


PharmEasy has quickly emerged as India’s top digital healthcare and pharmacy platform. Hence, serving 20 +million households across the country through a robust supply chain network enabling timely doorstep deliveries. Consumers can readily order prescription/OTC medications, healthcare products and diagnostics services on the PharmEasy app and get swift home delivery.

After raising significant growth capital from marquee investors in recent years to further its market dominance, Pharmeasy now eyes a bigger milestone. A mega IPO targeted for September 2024. Analysts estimate the public issue could garner Pharmeasy around $800 million in proceeds. And it aims to tap into India’s expensive e-health industry projected to reach $16 billion by 2025. And fed by pandemic-triggered adoption of online services. For IPO investors, it presents an opportunity to gain exposure to Indian health tech.

Operating MO Investor to Track IPOs and Market Trends

Retail investors planning to invest in the Swiggy, PhonePe. Or other upcoming 2024 IPOs can extensively utilise the user-friendly MO Investor app to track issue details and financial metrics, identify optimal price bands based on valuations. And assess the overall risk-return tradeoff through detailed analysis.

This share market app personalised recommendations that allow investors to avoid overpriced IPOs. While it is alerting them to attractively priced public issues matching their risk appetite. The MO Investor app also empowers investors to easily track the latest share market news. As well as, stock price movements and index trajectories to time their investment decisions around upcoming IPO listings appropriately.

Using MO Investor App to Make Prudent IPO Bets

Instead of blindly rushing into IPO investments, retail investors would do well to comprehensively leverage user-friendly apps. Like MO Investor to review financials, valuation metrics, growth forecasts, peer comparison and business outlook around upcoming 2024 public issues before firming up their application decisions.

Its AI-powered interface allows easy discovery of the right IPO opportunities aligned to an investor’s risk tolerance and financial goals. By leveraging such apps, retail investors can make prudent and informed judgments on the biggest IPOs lined up over the next year.

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What is Important When Tracking Upcoming IPOs?

When tracking upcoming IPOs, it is important to consider the financial metrics and valuation of the company, growth forecasts, peer comparisons, and the overall business outlook. Additionally, staying updated on market trends, stock price movements. And index trajectories can help investors make informed decisions about participating in IPOs.


Which app is better for share market?

  1. Robinhood: A commission-free trading app known for its simplicity and accessibility, suitable for beginners.
  2. TD Ameritrade: A comprehensive platform offering a wide range of investment options, research resources, and educational tools.
  3. E*TRADE: Another well-known online broker with a user-friendly platform and diverse investment options.
  4. Fidelity Investments: A reputable brokerage with an intuitive trading platform, robust research tools, and a wide selection of investments.
  5. Charles Schwab: A full-service brokerage providing various investment products, comprehensive research, and educational resources.

What are the key features to look for in a share market app considering Upcoming IPOs?

When selecting a share market app, it’s important to consider key features. Such as a user-friendly interface, trading tools and analysis, robust security measures, various account types. And investment options, real-time quotes and alerts, fast order execution, mobile accessibility, responsive customer support, transparent fee structure, and educational resources. These features ensure a seamless and secure trading experience. While providing the necessary tools and support to make informed investment decisions.

Conclusion on upcoming IPOs

The strong IPO momentum and listings witnessed in Indian capital markets over the past 2 years. And it is expected to sustain going forward in 2024. Hence, offering investors fresh opportunities across digital tech unicorns and emerging sector leaders. However, good old-fashioned due diligence around company fundamentals. Such as issue price fairness, valuations, and business quality remains indispensable before making any IPO picks.

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