Primavera P6 Resources & Resource Allocation: What is Resource Allocation?

Primavera P6 Resources

Resources & Resource Allocation (resource allocation in primavera) is an important activity in project management.  Ever found yourself knee-deep in a project, juggling labor, materials, and equipment, wondering if there’s a better way to manage it all? Well, guess what? … Read more

Resource Leveling Feature of Primavera P6

Resource Levelling Definition Example Primavera P6

The term resource leveling is widely used in project management to refer to resource optimization and limitation. Resource leveling is considered as one of the basic elements of resource management within the project. According to the PMBOK Guide, resource leveling … Read more

Stacked Bar Chart and Primavera P6 Stacked Histogram

Stacked Bar Chart - What is a Stacked Bar Chart ? Primavera P6 Stacked Bar Chart & Stacked Histogram

Charts and histograms are visual presentation tools that help readers to understand, analyze and demonstrate the percentages and/or quantities of particular results. Pie charts, line graphs, stacked histograms, bar charts are used to visualize the key parts of large data … Read more

Resource Loading in Oracle Primavera P6

Oracle Primavera P6

High efficiency is key to success for any project in today’s economic conditions. Planning, allocating, and tracking resources effectively through a software tool is a good practice for resource management in a project. Basically, resource loading, resource leveling, and resource … Read more