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Marketing For Tech Companies: A Basic Guide

Every company, even those in the highly technical world, needs to do marketing activities. There’s competition everywhere you look, and it’s only through marketing that you can position your business a few steps ahead of your contemporaries. Likewise, it’s also through marketing that you can let your prospective customers know that you exist. Otherwise, to them, you’re merely an invisible tech company without a marketing strategy.

Fortunately, technology has also made it a lot easier for a company like yours to achieve its marketing goals. By using the right strategies, you can reach new leads, and then have potential long-lasting, positive relationships with your customers. Overall, your tech company also succeeds when profits continue to soar.

Marketing for tech companies can seem quite a bit complicated, but it’s not one that can’t be achieved without a guide, and with the aid of experts, like managed IT services in NYC or in your locality. Keep reading for the best tips fo establishing marketing strategy for tech companies.

Use Marketing For Tech Companies to Create A Live Video Series

If you’re consistently active on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, you’ll easily notice that there are so many businesses nowadays using the live chat feature. So, don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera, too!

This is an effective marketing strategy as it’s one of the most effective methods of making that one-on-one connection with your viewers. Even when you’re geographically apart, it’s like you’re still having conversations with them in person—a strategy that’ll truly set your tech company apart from others.

Likewise, talking on live videos can enhance people’s impression that you’re an expert in tech-related matters. This can also improve your tech company’s brand image as more people now will see you as a tech authority.


Write And Publish Educational Content

If you’re not very comfortable in front of the camera, there’s still one very effective way for you to talk more about your products and services: content through blogging. If you already have a business website, then consider that as an asset that you can take advantage of. Post new content regularly on your website, so you can talk about your offerings in a more detailed manner.

Your content doesn’t need to be too technical or even hyper-focused on your company per se to use marketing for tech companies. Just be sure you keep up a regular momentum with new updates and posts about what’s the latest in the tech industry or niche.

For instance, you can come up with an infographic that can help make it easier to understand highly-technical matters, like B2B inbound marketing services cost analysis. This will prove to be a good resource, particularly for those into B2B inbound marketing, who need to better understand the implications of such. 

Some of the topics you can post about include:

  • Reviews of new security software released
  • Guides to setting up tech-related networks, websites, and other matters
  • Guides, including video content, on how to install new gadgets and equipment

Post Original Video Content

When posting educational content, don’t forget that written content isn’t the only way to go. Nowadays, videos are getting viral, and that’s for good reason. Many audiences actually prefer listening to and watching videos rather than reading lengthy text pieces.

The reason behind this is self-explanatory. Videos are more interesting and less boring, hence, the rise of video marketing. Not everyone likes to read, but, surely, a majority of those who don’t read will enjoy watching videos. You can ensure to a higher extent that you’re able to get your message across when you use videos as your chosen platform for disseminating crucial information about your brand.

Just be sure, however, that you’re posting original video content. You can get inspired by other videos that are already up online, but never copy. You’ll never go viral with a video that’s exactly the same as the one that’s already been released months prior.

To steer you toward the right direction in terms of marketing for tech companies, some of the main areas to focus on when creating video content include:

  • Fun videos
  • Great stories
  • Useful content
  • Educational videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Animated infographics

Use a Press Kit Software

A press kit, also known as a media kit is a package provided for members of the media to promote events, organizations, products or candidates. As an organization or an individiual, you can promote your cause or candidate. Using a press kit software will help you to create this package easily.

Send A Press Release About A Happy Client

This marketing strategy for tech companies works especially if you’re a tech business that’s service-oriented. A business’s greatest asset is its happy and satisfied clients, and there’s no better marketing strategy than having a satisfied customer speaking out about your services, or sending out a press release about your journey with that happy client.

You can start with what the client approached you for. Then, highlight the product or service that made that client happy. Lastly, talk about what you’ve done by using your products and services, that led to your client’s problems getting solved, and them being satisfied.

Influencer Marketing As One of Marketing for Tech Companies

When deciding whether or not to buy and adopt new technology, business executives and company decision makers often consult with individuals who are considered to be experts in their respective fields. Partnerships with social media influencers are becoming more popular among technology firms in an effort to boost their reputation and expand their social media reach.

Final Thoughts on Establishing a Marketing Strategy for Tech Companies

Here’s one closing point you must take heed of. The way that software companies and enterprise technology approach marketing tech is constantly evolving. Henceforth, your marketing team has to be on their toes all the time, so as for them to continuously keep up with the incessant birth of developments and updates. You’re a tech company, after all, and the expectation that you know everything about technological advancements and how to use them for your business is higher. Take note of the ideas above as you explore new marketing techniques this year, moving forward.


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