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How To Increase Employee Retention At A Digital Marketing Agency 3-min

How To Increase Employee Retention At A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing can drive so much business to a company just by marketing online. Traditional marketing tactics can still generate results but on far less scale than digital marketing. Ranking at the top of the search results for a frequently searched term can drive thousands of visitors to a website daily. Corporations spend millions of dollars to try to rank at the top of search engines. The truth is that most consumers will not scroll through more than a few results if they find what they are looking for. A talented team at a digital marketing company is so important. Many marketers give themselves titles like gurus or ninjas, just subpar marketing professionals. Perfecting hiring practices and driving up employee retention is a recipe for success. Below will highlight ways to increase employee retention at a digital marketing agency.

Employee Feedback Is So Important

Employee feedback is something that cannot be undervalued in order to increase employee retention. Identifying areas of frustration among employees can help remedy these. Happier employees tend to stay at their job, especially when their feedback for improvement is implemented. Empowering employees is also very important, as employees might believe they can take on much more responsibility. Create detailed surveys on this that come in the form of anonymous feedback. Companies like Talent Keepers have created feedback platforms that can help drive employee retention through engagement,

Exit interviews can be so valuable when collecting feedback from employees. The only drawback is that a person could be overly upset or worried about being too honest. They are seeing trends like employee surveys in exit interviews will provide extremely valuable information. A specific manager could need more boundaries as it seems like some people work 16-hour days in digital marketing. A lack of advancement opportunities could also be why the employee is leaving. A significantly better job offer might mean the employee is happy but cannot pass up the opportunity.

You Have To Pay Competitive Rates

The job market is very healthy for digital marketing professionals. There was a time when professionals used to have to go into the office. Offering great pay with remote work can be enough to eliminate some employees from even looking into other jobs in order to increase employee retention. Living anywhere can make an employee’s salary go much further. Living like royalty on a healthy salary is more than possible in countries like Portugal and Thailand.


The beauty of digital marketing professionals is they likely have an array of skills. An employee might be able to take on company work freelance. The employee is earning more and could be developing/honing a particular skill. Additional opportunities to make can be seen in a great light by those that might be struggling financially. Most do not want a job outside the home like bartending or another service industry job.

Remember That Fully Remote Agencies Can Thrive

The digital marketing industry has been open to remote work for quite some time. The transition to fully remote agencies highlighted how productive professionals could be when working at home. Management of remote employees is seamless with the project management software available. Time tracking software can be essential to ensure employees are being held accountable. Employees that are top producers should likely be left alone as some take breaks by checking social media. Social media is also a massive part of digital marketing, so blocking these websites on company computers is not wise.

Benefits And Perks Truly Matter to Increase Employee Retention

Benefits can be significant to specific employees, and paid time off is at the top of the list after insurance. PTO being used wisely can allow employees to achieve an outstanding work-life balance. Professional burnout is real and can lead to many employees leaving simultaneously. Overworking employees needs to be avoided as everything seems to be a priority at a particular time. Realistic deadlines being set with clients can give employees a healthy amount of work. Hiring new employees is another option if work becomes too much for those on the team.

How To Increase Employee Retention At A Digital Marketing Agency 2-min

Digital marketing agencies presenting a similar staff yearly can garner client favor. The rapport built over years of working together makes it difficult for business relationships to end without cause. The digital marketing community is relatively tight-knit, and employees know how others around the industry are treated.

Give Eligible Employees the Option to Work from Home or in a Hybrid Setting

It can now be spoken. As an increasing number of employees and businesses become aware of the advantages of working from home, the trend toward remote work is gathering momentum, and there does not seem to be any way to stop it.
If your organization is thinking about implementing more remote work or a hybrid model, here are some things to think about:
Make sure your staff have access to the necessary resources, both technical and managerial, in order for them to flourish while they are working remotely.
Maximize the benefits of cooperation: Just because employees are located in various places does not mean that collaboration should suffer as a result.
Team building should be implemented: organize sessions of team building so that staff have the chance to communicate with one another and discuss recent events.
Last but not least, you should chat to staff members to determine which method of doing work they prefer and whether or not this can be implemented at your organization.

Encourage a Balanced Approach to Work and Life to Increase Employee Retention

As the speed of life quickens, finding a healthy balance between work and personal life has become an increasingly important problem. Work has grown more difficult for certain people as a result of the intensification of the requirements imposed by employers and customers. Because of this increasing demand, employees are placed under more pressure to fulfill those objectives, which results in less time spent at home and a decreased sense of job satisfaction.

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