Electricity Market Comparing Will Save You From Paying More

Open electricity market comparing will save your business on energy bills. For example, data centers that use open electricity market comparing can potentially see a 50 % reduction in their energy bills.

Open Electricity Market Comparing is when you pay the same price per kWh and buy electricity from the retail market – not just one supplier. This is different than wholesale markets because it offers a competitive marketplace of suppliers many of whom are renewable sources like wind and solar power, as well as other economical sources like natural gas and coal power.

For example, if your company spends $10 million on electricity each year, that’s about $200 000 in electric bills. If the wholesale market can save you 1% of your total electricity bill and open market electricity compares can save you 10%, you would be able to potentially save $100 000 each year.

Open Electricity Market Compare: The Benefits


Cost Savings – without sacrificing on quality. Increase use of renewable energy – increase access to clean, green energy. Short-term savings – open electricity market now saves you from paying more than you need to. Purchasing power in commodity markets like natural gas, coal, and electricity is a good deal for consumers. The more reliable your business is with electricity provider, the higher your bill will be.

Many businesses don’t realize how little they really know about electricity. Business owners are not in the habit of visiting their utility company website, unless there is an interruption in service or they have received a costly electricity bill. However, they should be visiting the site regularly, as it contains valuable information regarding all types of energy sources and open electricity market comparing offers a chance to save money by buying products at lower prices.

Business owners often overpay for electricity. In fact, many business owners believe that these large utility bills are simply a function of the costs associated with running their businesses, and ignore the actual cost of electricity. Many businesses do not know that they can save money by purchasing electricity from the open market instead of buying energy from a centralized supplier. Even though they may already have an electric utility connection in their business or building, they may not know exactly what comes into their building, how it is generated and where it is used.


In today’s economy, businesses striving to cut costs should become more proactive in their decision-making. The information provided by open electricity market comparing is essential when it comes to making the right decisions regarding energy. Businesses that rely on open electricity market comparing can benefit from an increased supply of energy, which can help reduce costs and give them more time to consider their budgets.

Opening up the market to alternative sources of power also means that businesses can take advantage of reduced rates for alternative energy instead of simply switching over to more expensive fossil fuels such as oil and coal. This leads to decreased debt on the utility’s books, which can help save money and reduce debt.




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