Data Scientists: How to Become One

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Data scientists are becoming more and more valuable with our fast-changing digital climate. In this article, we have explained what a data scientist does, what does data science career entail and how you can also become a data scientist by attending a data science bootcamp. If you want to change your career path with the changing digital climate, this article might be what you are looking for.

How Does Changing Digital Climate Affect Data Scientists?

Even before the coronavirus pandemic swept the country, changing the ways industries across the board functioned and forcing customers inside, our culture was moving towards the slow but sure integration of technology with every facet of our lives. With the coronavirus still making the rounds and evolving into new variants, even amongst several states’ attempts to reopen and revert to pre-COVID life, customers are continuing to use the COVID-safe, digital options for conducting commerce remotely that they have become accustomed to over the last year. This has accelerated a change that was already taking place drastically, further pushing us into a place where consumers spend a lot of their time (and money) online.

Data Becomes Important

With the dawn of the fourth technological revolution, our world has been irrevocably changed. As the pre-social media age is being looked at as akin to the stone age, we now live in a world of big data, where data is prevalent and cheap. With customers putting so much of themselves online, posting their preferences, demographic information, and recent purchases frequently and with abandon, social media sites like Facebook have become massive historical databases of value to marketing campaigns everywhere. All corporations need to take advantage of this abundance of cheap data and have someone on deck who can read it, who can see the trends within, and draw up models to chart the company’s next move with a low margin of error. 

Data Scientists Come to Play

These employees, navigators of the digital sphere, are known as data scientists. As companies across industries become aware of the value of being able to interpret data, they are becoming more and more valuable. With the labor shortage, companies are doing everything they can to get their hands on qualified data science professionals; and they’re willing to pay quite the premium for their services. If data science jobs piqued your interest, read on for a crash course on data science, as well as an easy and inexpensive way you can switch careers. 

Data Scientists: What Do They Do?

The primary role of data scientists is to be able to sift through a massive pool of data from many different sources, identify the trends inherent within, and then use those trends to develop models through which they can test multiple hypotheses. As opposed to data analysts, who sift through data looking for the answers to specific questions, data scientists are much more big-picture people. They identify sweeping trends in data that their parent company may find useful and then develop models to test possible applications of their findings.

To accomplish this, they can use a variety of tools at their disposal, including machine learning techniques to discover patterns and predict possible outcomes. Data scientists are absolutely vital members of any marketing team, as their findings can narrow down potential marketing avenues and reduce the chances of the company’s final marketing campaign being ineffective. 

Although there’s currently a shortage of employees to fill every role, data scientists are among the most sought after; without them, a company is effectively rudderless, unable to effectively navigate marketing in the digital sphere. As such, the current average salary for a data scientist across different data science jobs is a little under 120,000 a year. 

Data Science Bootcamps: Different Track, Better Results

If any of the above has piqued your interest, you may be experiencing an intermingling of excitement and terror. Data science is a wonderful new career path that will appeal to many, but the ordeal involved in changing careers late in life can be off-putting. However, it’s nowhere near as hard as you might think.

Instead of going back to college and paying thousands of dollars for another degree, you could always attend a data science bootcamp. These bootcamps are intense educational programs that offer full-time and part-time options for schooling, teaching you everything you need to know to jump right into a career over the course of a single semester. With prices and schedules for people in every life situation (from first-time students to night school career workers), data science bootcamps may be a better alternative to reentering the expensive world of academia. 

Your New Chapter Begins Now

As technology continues to incorporate itself into every facet of our lives, businesses will need data science officials more and more. There will be more open data science jobs, however, there will not be enough data scientists to fulfill the demand. Therefore, data science is a field that will continue to gain value and offer job opportunities. If you want a career that pays quite a bit annually, where your job is always secure, and where you can help the workforce adapt to the digital age, data science may be the career for you.

However, keep in mind that a career in data science might not be suitable for everyone. Consider your interests, the current field of work and how willing you are to change your career path. If you finally decide that data science is the right field for your career change, then you can attend a data science bootcamp to jumpstart your career without losing time or money in a degree.

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