Cybersecurity in 2021: 6 Tips to Manage Cyber Risk Online

Cybersecurity In 2021

Protecting your business against cyber risk can feel exhausting. It can often feel like you are constantly playing catch-up; as soon as you’ve patched one weakness, another becomes apparent. This struggle can make cybersecurity somewhat demoralizing. However, there are solutions out there such as cyber security training to help you enhance your organization’s safety and protect it against cyberattacks and cybercriminals.

Generally, your focus should shift from putting out individual fires to building robust defenses that can handle whatever cybercriminals throw at you. This is much more achievable than it sounds. While cybercriminals’ approaches are evolving, they still tend to follow the same basic techniques. Therefore, building a cybersecurity system to account for these methodologies is attainable for any business. Here are some tips to help you enhance your cybersecurity in 2021.

Take a Course in Cybersecurity

One of the best ways to protect your organization and get your cybersecurity up to scratch is to take a short course. Cybersecurity training will educate you on the current risks affecting businesses online, as well as the methods you can use to protect your company.

Cyber risk management is now a fundamental part of any business as all organizations can be vulnerable to cyberattacks, regardless of their size. A cybersecurity short course is a brilliant idea for anyone that wants to protect their online activities. You can take online cybersecurity courses which will teach you how to assess and fix vulnerabilities in your network and develop response strategies to cyberattacks. Taking a course and getting a certificate in cybersecurity will help you to build your knowledge of the most pressing issues and ultimately protect the integrity and safety of your business.

Support Your Cybersecurity Staff

When you are looking to improve your organization’s cybersecurity, one of the first things you should do is ensure your staff is being supported adequately. Security teams can often feel as though their efforts are underfunded or unrecognized by senior staff. This is often the case because senior management teams lack a technical understanding of cybersecurity. Therefore, they often feel as though their requests are falling on deaf ears.

Studying cybersecurity online can help you with this, as you can develop a better understanding of your team’s practices and support their efforts better as a result. This understanding will help you and other senior staff to value investment in cybersecurity and stop considering it as an operational cost.

You and your management teams must understand that a more secure business won’t just have better data protection; it will also run more smoothly. Cybersecurity might be considered an IT problem, but the consequences of investment and support for your cybersecurity team will affect the entire organization. Your security protocols impact every department in every location that you operate. Servers, offices, and remote employees all depend on secure systems, so the investment is crucial.

Carry Out a Cyber Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are a brilliant way to understand the most pressing threats that your business faces. Whether it’s the risk of natural disaster, system failure, or malicious individuals, understanding and determining the threat they pose to your organization is an essential step for improving security.

Every company, regardless of its size, should carry out routine risk assessments. This is important if you need to comply with regulations and standards and help manage your organization’s security more successfully. These regular assessments will improve your knowledge of the hazards your company faces and will shed light on any existing security flaws.

Ensure Your Staff Understand Cyber Risk

Some of the biggest cybersecurity threats businesses face are phishing and ransomware. These both rely on human error to gain access to a system or sensitive data. This highlights the importance of proper cybersecurity training to ensure that your staff is aware of risks. If your employees receive phishing emails and cannot spot that they are not legitimate, they put your entire organization in jeopardy.

Other common problems in business include internal errors, privilege misuse, and data loss. Generally, these are all down to employees not having a good enough understanding of their safety obligations.

These problems cannot be solved by using the latest software and security systems alone. Instead, your organization will need to support your IT staff in their battle against cybercriminals and cyberattacks by conducting regular cybersecurity training sessions.

Cybersecurity training will help educate team members about the threats they might come across and how to deal with them and prevent data breaches. These can also help to make your organization more efficient and improve your relationship with data regulation authorities.

For more ideas on educating your staff about the importance of cybersecurity, check out this article.

Keep Your Software Updated

These days, many systems will automatically update their software without any need for human input. This is true for most software, including Windows or Windows-based programs. While this can save a lot of time and increase the security of many of the systems your business relies on, it can also make people lax when it comes to updating other software.

Many people forget or are simply unaware that other software needs to be updated manually. For example, the Wi-Fi routers you use will need to be updated manually regularly. These updates will often include security patches to cover weaknesses that cybercriminals might try to exploit. Without these patches, your router and all of the devices connected to it are vulnerable. Therefore, you should identify which systems require manual updates and schedule regular times to install new security patches on them to prevent cyberattacks.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Wi-Fi networks are often exploited by cybercriminals. This is because they are often not very secure, and malicious parties can gain access to the rest of the systems on the network quickly using them as an entry point.

Two easy steps you can take to improve the security of your business is to simply change the default name and password of your network. When doing this, you should take care to avoid naming the router something that will immediately give away what business it belongs to.

The next step is to encrypt the network using the strongest available protocol. Currently, the most robust form of encryption for Wi-Fi networks is Protected Access 3 (WPA3).

The final step towards a protected Wi-Fi network is to ensure that all of the devices on the network are also secured against cyberattacks. To do this, ensure that all of your employees’ computers and the other internet-connected devices on the network are secured with strong passwords and are using data encryption.


Overall, in the modern-day, robust cybersecurity protocols are essential for all businesses, big or small. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods to access and exploit the systems that companies use. If your security protocols are overlooked, this can cause significant issues. Data breaches cause issues for your customers but can also damage your brand image and reduce productivity in your organization.

As a result, following the steps listed above to ensure that your company is as safe as possible is essential. You should pay a lot of attention to educating your staff members on the importance of following and respecting the security measures you are implementing. Additionally, with the resources available on the internet, you can have cybersecurity training online. This could benefit your company immeasurably.

Ultimately, failing to implement cybersecurity precautions can leave your company vulnerable to cyberattacks. This can significantly impact productivity and lead to significant expenditure if your systems are breached.

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