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8 Best Business Books of 2020 to Add to Your Reading List

8 Best Business Books of 2020 to Add to Your Reading List

2020 was undeniably tough for many businesses. At the same time, some experts highlighted new opportunities amid the uncertainty. Many companies transformed their business model with moves to digitization, new electronic payment systems and remote project management. As we head into 2021 still unsure as to what the new year will bring, this is a great time to take stock and hear what the experts have to say. The 8 best business books are one of the best ways to do this – here are 8 of the best and latest to add to your reading list.

1.       Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments by Stefan H. Thomke

Harvard Business School professor, S. H. Thomke provides answers to a variety of questions related to business management through examining the power of business experiments. He explains how some answers and test results can be misleading and suggests ways to optimize test methods. This is the book you need to read to fully understand the impact of business experiments.

2.       A World Without Work: Technology, Automation, and How We Should Respond by Daniel Susskind

Heavy reliance on AI will overshadow the labour market according to Oxford University economist Daniel Susskind. The role of automation devices is most significant in low-level jobs but Artificial Intelligence takes things to a higher level, taking over tasks that are conventionally attributed to human skills. Susskind explains how AI may result in technological unemployment and tells us how we should react.

3.       Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy by Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David has taken an approach that differs from theoretical books and case studies. Instead of talking about what is happening or what has happened, he explains “how to” devise a good business strategy. The book contains examples of philosophers as well as mobsters to keep it fresh and engaged.

4.       How I Built This: The Unexpected Paths to Success from the World’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs by Guy Raz

Guy Raz is known for his popular podcasts that summarise the knowledge he’s learned over the years. Having interviewed more than 200 successful entrepreneurs, Guy is a credible narrator of inspiring success stories. If you are looking for some interesting ideas to start a business in 2021, this book is for you.

5.       Uncharted: How to Navigate the Future by Margaret Heffernan

It seems like Margaret Heffernan waited for the perfect time to release this convincing book. The main argument of the book is that the future is almost perfectly predictable with the help of algorithms as well as expert economists. However, the problem is that we are too anxious, overthinking everything at the expense of our imagination and creativity. She explains how it is better to be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty, rather than trying to avoid or control it.

6.       Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World by Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani

The authors of this book maintain that to help AI flourish we must stop bureaucracy from getting in the way. Artificial Intelligence is helping people to turn their creative ideas into reality more efficiently, but there are constraints that make it tough for beginners to make the most of the available AI solutions. Big names can afford high-end AI technology whereas the newcomers are limited when it comes to implementing expensive AI solutions that may make all the difference. This book is for anyone looking for insight into how policymaking is lagging behind just as entrepreneurs need all the help they can get.

7.       The ONE Thing: The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Heller and Jay Papasan

The most important thing for anyone in business is to identify what is the top priority at any given time. Learning to focus on the ‘one thing’ that matters at home or at work will make life easier, helping you to balance competing responsibilities. The idea, according to Papasan and Keller, is to single out the task that will make other things easier once you complete it. Prioritizing unnecessary tasks does not put off the burden of important pending tasks. If you want to master the art of prioritizing tasks effectively for the best results, grab a copy of this book.

8.       The Real Business of Blockchain by David Furlonger and Christophe Uzureau

This is an engaging book not only for IT executives but for all professionals, especially leaders. Blockchain has been the sensation of the last decade and this book serves as an easy and practical guide to know how blockchain is and will impact businesses in the coming years and beyond. If you’ve never managed to find time to study blockchain, make the most of the winter downtime to read this book!

# BONUS: Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice

Howard Gardner’s applications of 9 Types of Intelligence is completely updated and expanded in this book.

Did You Read One of the Best Business Books of 2020?

Did you read one of the best business books listed above? You can share your insights with us through the comments section.

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