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What are 7 Excellent Project Management Tips? How do you apply 7 Excellent Project Management Tips to Your Workplace?

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Today we have a rather important subject: 7 Excellent Project Management Tips. Here, exclusively for you to improve your performance as a Project Manager. However, we should note that these tips may be applicable to our personal lives as well. Such as? Such as learning a new language. For a solid foundation per se, our first Tip for you, it is important to pay attention, carefully listen to our Source (i.e., online video, English Teacher, or other possible sources.) After cautiously listening our Source, it is also important to keep progress ongoing and therefore perform necessary exercises to practice the knowledge we have learned. Say if I am learning English, I should do my English homework regularly to keep improving myself in the language.

Or for another example, Coding has become an essential for any person and not only for the software engineers. Learning How to Code is similar to Learning a Language, because Code is another unique language. Furthermore, when you say Code, it is not a single language, and it also differs based on your setting.

“What are you doing and Where?” are the questions you should think about. For an instance, if you are beginning to learn Web Development, it is likely you are going to start from the basics of HTML and CSS, if you are new to coding the simplest language you can learn to have a principal understanding of Coding is currently Python. Now, like learning English, if I want to learn how to Code properly for an instance, I should do my Python homework regularly. If you ask someone to do it for you, while supposedly getting help, won’t do you any good in learning the material nor will pay for dissertation.

Similarly, there are some principles to improve performance in Project Management. These are the tips we are going to cover today in our article.

Without further ado, let us begin!

Excellent Project Management Tips

1. Build a Solid Ground

First of all, it is important to know and genuinely embrace the foundation of your project.

Why is that project for?

Why did you need that project at the first place? Was something missing? Were there any need for improvement? In short, why are you in that Team? What is needed from you? What is Your Role in the Team? (See Belbin’s 9 Team Roles)

Remember your first meeting. What did the Team Leader tell you about the Project’s Objective or what did you tell your Team Members if you were the Leader?

In the process of building a solid ground for the project, for everything to operate smoothly as much as possible, we need to get everyone on the same page!

What does that mean?

It means that each member who are concerned by the Project should have the adequate knowledge of the Purpose, Risks, Opportunities, Intended Outcomes, Scheduled Milestones and Deadlines.

In short, be sure to not exclude anyone who have responsibilities in or to the Project!

2. Locate Quality On The Top Of  The Line

This is crucial. Leave everything behind and focus on the value of your work. Focus on the quality of each task and monitor their quality level at  all steps. Deliver quality.


  • Know the Expectations of Your Consumers, Your Team, The Stakeholders and anyone who are appointed to the project.
  • Always have a Transparent Quality Management Plan to focus the Team in fulfilling these standards.
  • Have scheduled and unannounced quality checks to ensure commitment to the Project, make sure to miss none.

3. Get a Qualified Project Manager

We thoroughly explored the importance of Leadership in our previous articles. You are obliged to have a Qualified Project Manager if you’d like to get the best outcome at the end of the Project.

A Good Project Manager appoints right tasks to the right people according to their individual interests and talents, eventually leading to their growth in their field and career steps!

This project manager will also help you in the next tips too!

4. Always Create a Project Timeline

Always know where you are going and when. Know when the project is going to start and when is it going to end for starters.


5. Define Critical Milestones

The project might be very long, but it’s important to know what some crucial steps are and why. Always have a framework of your project in mind. Know what matters step by step, then celebrate your small successes with the Team as the Team Manager!

6. Use the Best Project Management Software

It may sometimes be hard to follow every little detail about the Project and the Progress of Each Team Member by pen and paper. Luckily, as the citizens of 21st century we have the perks of technology with us! And there are great tools for Project Managers to track and monitor their Project’s Progress at all steps and also evaluate the performance constantly!

7. Inspire Transparency and Open Mind

We’ve discussed the importance of keeping an open and transparent mind in our article about Brainstorming. Be transparent and stay transparent during each and every step of your Project. Do not turn a blind eye!

Be honest about what is working and what is not. Be sure to share your ideas and opinions with your Team and Project Manager. Maybe there really is a better way and one of the Team Members spotted the opportunity.

Reward and encourage Transparency and Open Mind at all times !

Bottom Line

And that’s all we have to say about 7 Excellent Project Management Tips here at Project Cubicle.

Do you have an addition to our list?

Let us know!

We will see you very soon on another great article with more tips to increase your success in being a Project Manager!

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