What is Grief Cycle; Examples and Stages of Grief

What is Grief Cycle; Examples and Stages of Grief

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“Grief is a Process, not a state.”

Anne Grant

What is Grief Cycle? What are the Stages of Grief Cycle?

First off, by the grief of business we mean how they are impacted, how the organizations are influenced through the effect of grief on individuals, in other words, Team Members or Employees.

Loss is natural for us human beings and there isn’t a simple way, method, technique or a shortcut to get over grief. It has one way. And that is through the guidance of Pain. Have you lost a loved one, a special matchless person that made you who you are? With the recent emergence of COVID, most of us did. That’s why as the Cubicle Team, we wanted to support you and be of help to you during this process.

First thing you should know: it’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to feel pain and it’s okay to let it out with tears. It’s okay to shout.

But you know what is not okay?

Trying to repress those tears or your pain with pretense, with unreal laughter, when you know something inside you, right in the core, was broken.

You know what is also not okay?

Trying to help people out with their problems while you are being suffocated in pain. You can’t help someone until you are healed. And it does not happen overnight. Just like love. Love is too, not a state, but a process. And that hurt was once love. It was alive. It was bright. Before your eyes. You felt grateful, and maybe as the luckiest person in the world that they were with you, that you had that chance to meet them.

Don’t try to hide your pain. Don’t laugh it away. Most of the people around you will be too busy, they will be dealing with their own problems and thoughts, they won’t even notice it because they will hear but not listen to you. We all do it at times, with our crowded everlasting agendas in mind. That will not do it with a bad intention, it will come as their default.

Most of the people will not see how much you hurt, how broken you feel and how determined you are to sublimate or repress that pain, just to prove yourself; you are stronger than that. Feeling your own emotions, being consumed by that darkness is not a guilt. It certainly does not make you weak and when you attempt to repress those emotions, you will experience how they will explode like a volcano one day and turn you to nothing but ashes.

Then someone will see that. They will know behind that laughter, there is nothing but pain. They will tell you to do the right thing, they will tell you how humane is to hurt.

Until you make it there, you will feel Shock. You will Deny how much you hurt and you will be Angry to that special one for leaving you on your own, leading you towards the arms of Depression and Detachment.

Then with the help of that person, with the light of them, even if it’s small you will finally begin to comprehend what you, really, lost with the loss of that person.

Finally you will realize there is no resurrection, no going back, and that the only way forward is Acceptance. Accepting your Loss. Accepting the Grief and Pain within it.

This my dear reader is the Grief Cycle. And Grief Cycle is a process.

Stages of Grief Cycle

stages of grief-min

1. Denial

No you did not lose that person. No there is no way you could possibly have lost that unique nonematch person. No. It’s impossible. It’s a part of the process. For a while, it is healthy to deny. Because the pain will feel overwhelming, like life has just lost the entirety of any sensical meaning. You will find false hopes to cling on. Okay. Deny. It’s okay to deny. It’s impossible.

2. Anger

How can they go and leave you all alone behind? How cruel are they? How cruel is life for doing this to you? How can life take that angelic person away? Everything has shattered. Everything is broken. You’re furious. It’s okay. We want you to know; it is okay. It’s going to be alright. Shout as loud as you can. Be angry. Feel that fire in your veins. But do one thing.

Don’t repress that anger. It will hurt more when you think it’s all over, it will be just the beginning.

3. Bargaining

What if. What if this. What if that. Blame filling in your veins. Victimizing your entire being. It’s part of the process. Just don’t repress. Don’t hide. And don’t pretend. For your own wellbeing.

4. Depression

Depression is considered a “present” state of emotion. It indicates a partial realization of where we are. Things might mean too much and you might experience catching yourself thinking about committing suicide. You hate people, want to take shelter against them. Like they are the ones responsible for your loss. It’s okay. Feel it. Breathe in. Breathe out.

5. Acceptance

Yes. They are gone. And the life? Life does not stop. Time does not pause. Everything is still on the move. And you are now ready to get back to living your life. You know it’s going to be hard but you also know you can make it. You will survive. You will live. You accept bad as much as you accept good. It’s part of the process. The fog is lifted now, and the sun.. The sun shines beautifully. Like it once did.

Grief Cycle and Relation to Business Environment

Dear Employers and Employees, we wanted to have an article on this subject as Grief has become the new normal of our lives. It is terribly unfortunate. We are deeply, genuinely sorry for your loss. But we want you to know, it will be alright.

Please do not expect to be able to work or function like nothing has happened. Dear Managers, give your Team Members the space and time they need. Like Change, Grief does not happen or pass overnight.

Be there for your Team Members and give them their space and take a rain check on those projects. Human matters. Human matters more. The wellbeing of your Team Members is more important. Let them feel their pain and accept their loss.

Let them grieve.

Have you lost a loved one?

How did you manage to cope with your loss?

Let us know below in the comments so your thoughts may be of help to someone who are going through the stages of grief.

Thank you for being here today.

And thank you for reading.

See you soon.

The 5 Stages of Grief Cycle Infographic

The 5 Stages of Grief Cycle

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  1. I would love to use the “Stages Of Grief Cycle” in my masters degree thesis if possible. My thesis is about practicing music therapy trans-culturally and I would use it in the section to discuss ambiguous loss. How may I obtain permission to use it and what should the reference look like

  2. I would love to use the “Stages Of Grief Cycle” in my masters degree thesis if possible. My thesis is about practicing music therapy trans-culturally and I would use it in the section to discuss ambiguous loss. How may I obtain permission to use it and what should the reference look like?


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