What is Direct Marketing?

What Is Direct Marketing Sales Methods

Marketing, which is the most effective way to sell from the past to the present, comes up in many different ways. On the axis of developing technology, the marketing department has benefited from the opportunities. It managed to increase the sales figures by applying some marketing actions. This increases its power by adding new ways and methods every day. So what is marketing? Marketing is the business of selling or advertising products or services.  The products and services should be produced within market research and advertising. So what is direct marketing, which is kinda one of the sales methods?

Direct marketing establishes a direct or one-to-one relationship. In fact, the sides are the target audience and the brand using tools other than mass media. The communication activity of concrete marketing that works to encourage the purchase of a product or service is direct marketing. The most important part of this concept is direct, one-to-one relationship and communication words. Important features of this concept are that the brand establishes a one-to-one relationship with the target audience and receives instant feedback from that audience.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing represents the direct communication of brands with consumers, their target audiences without using any intermediary persons or institutions. It is the marketing action that brands use by engaging in two directions using advertising tools with the principle of influencing the ideas of the target audience to cause a measurable reaction from anywhere.  Basically, we can define this as brands contacting their customers who have a target audience without using any brokerages or persons. To have a relationship between the brand and the target audience, it is necessary to use interactive marketing actions that can encourage customers to buy, ensure that the results are tangible.

How Can Direct Marketing be Done?

Also, direct marketing is the activity of ensuring the flow and sale of manufactured goods or services from the manufacturer brand to the consumer with a target audience without using any means. However, there is an important point in this concept. In fact, this is to expect answers from the consumer who has a target audience in a short time. The response from the customer in a short time also reveals that this strategy is quantitative. Truly, it is possible to use multiple advertising strategies to engage with the customer in a direct marketing action. In this way, it is possible for the customer who is the target audience to provide feedback faster and faster.

It is possible to do direct marketing by television, radio, brochure, mail, and point of sale. In addition, new sales methods have developed in parallel with the developing technology. It continues as sales through the website, sales by internet, sales by e-mail, telemarketing, mobile devices, etc. Additionally, when marketing directly, it is necessary to use persuasive sentences to buy the customer. The customer is the target audience. Accordingly, the product or service must be responding to the needs of the consumer and the customer should see this as an opportunity. Again, the customer should find this persuasion process credible and decide by responding quickly. Now let’s examine the features of direct marketing.

Features of Direct Marketing

Having a low cost,
To give effective sales results,
Ensuring the customer’s quick decision making,
To give fast and measurable results,
Use the selectivity rule when determining the market slice,
Providing a hands-on service,
It is customizable,
Providing high-profit margin,
We can list features such as controlled distribution advantage as features of direct marketing.

Direct Mailing

Truly, direct mailing among direct marketing methods is actually a very effective marketing action, although it is not used very often today. Brands are based on sending any announcements, reminder notes, informational letters about benefits, etc. to predetermined addresses. It is one of the most effective methods. Because it is possible to get more lucrative results. The downside is that the cost is high.

Catalog Marketing

Catalog marketing is a method that companies use quite often among direct marketing methods. Indeed, it is a good method that allows brands to have the opportunity to express themselves better in the eyes of their customers. Brands use this method to differentiate and position themselves from their competitors. Thanks to the catalogs they have prepared, brands have the chance to better explain their services to their customers. In fact, brands can prepare their catalogs in print or digital environments. Also, developing technology drives brands to prepare catalogs in a digital environment. This allows catalogs to reach more consumers. Namely, we can show the IKEA brand as one of the best in the world in catalog preparation.

TeleMarketing Method

Briefly, this method is based on a brand collecting phone information about its current or potential customers and then using that information for business promotion. Moreover, this method can happen directly or through a person. It is a very advantageous method as it allows a brand to speak directly and convince the customer to buy a product. In addition, the fact that over-the-phone marketing takes place requires a very low cost, so it is advantageous to use.

Kiosk Method

Direct marketing methods include the kiosk method. Basically, kiosks are electronic terminals that companies use for touch screens and service purposes. It allows customers to access information on their own, as well as to process it via touchscreen. Moreover, it is possible to encounter these systems. The encountering can be especially in shopping markets and supermarkets. It contains interactive applications. As a result, it is very useful in allowing consumers to have a good time and to offer different recommendations to them. Finally, when we look at it from the point of view of the brand and consumers, it is very advantageous to provide speed and savings.

Direct Sales Method

Truly, direct marketing methods include direct sales methods. To define, a direct sales method is a method in which a brand offers the product or service produced directly to customers. Indeed, direct sales method refers to the direct sale of goods or services produced by a person through narration or display at the customer’s home, workplace, or acquaintance’s home. Also, the direct sales method is mentioned as face-to-face sales in some sources. Furthermore, this method allows high-quality products or services to reach and sell to customers in the context of personal relationships. It can be in social settings or in a specific person’s home in advance. In fact, the direct sales method is the most classic. In short, the purpose of this method is for the brand to sell a product or service to the customer through a salesperson.

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