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Understanding the Role of Project Manager

Understanding the Role of Project Manager

If you want to understand the role of a project manager, have a look around and search heroes. Because they are undoubtedly the heroes of today’s institutions. Eventually, about any initiative in an organization occurs in the form of a project. From new product improvements to the application of new software systems, they manage people and budget.

Furthermore, project managers are individuals who do presentations and bring information on a paper of these initiatives. Also, the role of a project manager is the most challenging leadership position in any institution.

If anyone is interested in becoming a leader, being a part of a project and taking on the role of management can be a good way to express yourself and pursue your goals.

Leadership Challenges and the Role of Project Manager

There are some of the main leadership tasks of project managers that are not the same as other managers and executives. Here are some leadership challenges of project managers to provide you a better understanding.

Being Aware of Uniqueness

Projects are unique and temporary in nature. They are all for creating and completing a new. Each phase of a new product is exclusive and requires different initiatives. For example, a new software application is a one-time only and strategic initiative this year than the past. While project managers learn from the past, they are leading and guiding new and uniqueness.

Creating a Team in a Chaotic Workplace Environment

Project team members often come from different functional areas and they are part of a group to concentrate on a new initiative. Evaluating and negotiating resources with managers is a challenging leadership issue for the project manager to aggregate the team and put into practice. Unlike other positions, the project manager role involves creating and managing a team in a chaotic environment.

Managing Complex Stakeholder Requirements

Project success is usually identifying and managing the requirements of all parts of a project; quality, timing, budgets, and resources. A stakeholder is an individual or a group of people, and managing their expectations, requires supervising, leadership, negotiation, diplomacy, and communication.

Project Manager Role Involves Assisting the Team in All Phases

Teams face several issues in the life cycle of a project, from forming to storming and then norming to performing. If you’ve been a part of a hurriedly assembled team, you can particularly face the storming phase. Project managers are effectively team leaders, who guide members, define roles, understand work, and then navigate key factors of discussion and decision points.

Planning the Resources

If you have been to the circus before, you may have seen the spinner who endeavors to start and keep as many plates spinning on sticks as much as possible. Most project managers sometimes feel like this circus performer and aim to gain the right resources at the right time and place. Creativity, negotiation, and diplomacy are key features of a powerful project leader.

Creating a Proper Environment

Team members are the individuals who do their best work in a proper environment where they are trusted. Therefore, project managers should be aware of how to build trust in the workplace environment. Tight schedules and never-ending requests often create conflicts within the project team. The project manager plays a key role in creating a healthy workplace environment where issues are resolved respectfully and effectively so that the team members can keep on with the work and ensure their creativity best in the process.

Managing the Funds

Within leadership comes financial duties, and the project manager is responsible for not only the quality and time but also the cost. Obviously, cost management is one of the most important duties for any project management professional.

Ensuring Quality and Delivery

Finally, the team is offering something new and unique to a customer or customers. The project manager is responsible for providing the accuracy and quality of the products — on time and budget.

Project Management Role as a Career

Undoubtfully, project management is a perfect career and opportunity for professionals. However, an individual who desires to build up a career as a project manager should possess a set of leadership and management skills.

I have many friends who have moved on and earned the PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute. Constantly, this role and nomination start with a discussion and tasks around experiencing what it means for being a project manager. There are some ideas ;

5 Tips to Understand the Role of Project Manager

  1. Interview a project manager in your firm and try to learn more about his roles and the firm’s formal practices. Question about how they managed this role. Indicate your interest on a project team and learn more about the role of the participants.
  2. Meet with an executive and learn about the key factors of the project work in the firm. Are there initiatives? These are most certainly projects. Is the firm using a new software tool? How do they develop new products? You may work on a project team to gain experience.
  3. Explore the resources on Project Management Institute.
  4. Books provide you invaluable information through your career path to project management. One of my favorite source of information comes from an extremely readable and cheap book entitled, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh.
  5. Volunteer to lead organizations. Don’t be ashamed to volunteer at a holiday party or picnic. Like project management practices, you gain precious project experience in the process.


Becoming a leader doesn’t need to follow a traditional path. Projects and project management provides a great way to learn and implement leadership. In this article, we discussed 5 tips to understand the role of a project manager to guide candidates. If you want to share your experiences, please do so through the comments section below.

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