Finding A Courier Service for Your Business

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 If shipping plays a factor in your business, finding the best courier service is essential to the success of your sales. You need to invest in an agreement with a reliable company, who will deliver your products on time and in good condition. Putting the time and effort into finding a courier now will save you no end of headaches in the future. Not only is finding the best courier a priority, but you need to know what tools and resources are out there for you to use in your logistics management. Perhaps you need a dim calculator to help you calculate the dimensional weight of the packages you want to send. Maybe you need to use a comparison company to find the best courier service in your area.

Whatever your needs are, don’t feel like you are on your own, in the dark. There is information out there if you just tap into it!

So, let’s get back to basics. What do you need to know to make a good decision about a courier for your business?

Choosing the Right Courier Service for You

Well, it might sound obvious, but how many parcels are you going to be sending? If it’s not a great amount, it may work out to be more economical if you stick with using a generic courier directly. Alternatively, if you’re going to be sending multiple parcels, regularly, either to local recipients or international ones, you may want to investigate outsourcing your shipments to a parcel distribution provider. These providers tend to be able to match your needs better, with help for businesses of any size, from start-ups to enterprise-level shippers.

The tricky thing is that the mistakes a courier makes often become your business’s problems. For example, if a parcel turns up late, it’s going to be you that gets the complaint. That’s why it’s really worth the time and effort involved in researching the best option for your business as the conduct of even these third parties will have some kind of reflection on you and your reputation.

There are four key considerations that you will want to take into account. And these are price, reliability, speed, and scale. Let’s discuss these four key points in a little more detail.

1- Price.

What’s your budget? How much are you willing to pay for a courier service? Courier companies have a lot of things to consider when it comes to deciding on their prices. Although most couriers charge by the job, it’s becoming more common to see couriers that charge by the mile, especially if it’s involving long distances.

2- Reputation.

Can you trust this company to deliver on their delivery? Carriers vary greatly in reputation so do your homework and research the general feedback for each provider carefully. It’s a good idea to gauge the reliability of a company by the reviews that other businesses have left online to find the best courier service for business.


What is the average time for this chosen courier between collection delivery? How does that compare to the time that your customers are prepared to wait for their purchase? And how does the promised wait time compare to the reality of how long their deliveries take? If a customer is kept waiting for longer, they’re unlikely to repeat a purchase with your company.

More Than a Courier – It’s the Software Too

 Your supply chain is more than just finding a courier service to take your orders to your customers. A crucial part of your shipment procedure is the back-office software, the logistics intelligence behind your shipping. What is logistics intelligence software? This is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your supply chain by aiding in many of the stages within that chain. It can help you track your inventory levels, manage the networks for your distribution and, with the information you gather, improve your decision-making about where and how to produce and sell your products. With the assistance of this multifaceted tool, you can lower costs, ramp up your efficiency and ultimately boost your profits.

How to Use Logistics Intelligence Software


 Any tool in the wrong hands can do more harm than good. This is just the same when it comes to using the tool of logistic intelligence software. Be realistic in your expectations, it’s not the solution to all your problems, it can’t perform every task and it won’t make decisions for you. Its purpose is to help you manage and improve your supply chain, not do it for you. That’s not to say it’s not a powerful asset when used correctly; you can track shipments, forecast the future demand for your products, plan the runs for production and manage order and inventory. These systems love handling data. That can save you a lot of time that you can now focus on driving sales and spearheading the progress of your company as a whole.

Don’t Be Too Scared to Jump to Use Courier Service Software

It might seem daunting, to start using this new tool. Any change can be daunting if you choose to view it in that way. Instead, view this as an opportunity – an opportunity to accept a new way of doing things and reap the benefits. Don’t procrastinate, waiting until the last minute to turn to this kind of solution for help. The quicker you can get a system like this up and running, the quicker you will start to see the benefits.

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The Bottom Line: Choosing the Best Courier Service for Business

  When it comes to shipping, there are two sides to think about: the parcels and the planning. Choose a courier service who’s going to look after your parcels and safely deliver them to your happy and satisfied customers. Choose a back-office system that will make the whole process run smoothly and mostly automatically. When you invest in both sides of the journey, you’re creating a streamlined, efficient procedure that’s truly going to boost the sales of your company.

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