Project Plan Template & Example and Creation Steps

How To Create A Project Plan Template Example Creation Steps

A project plan includes a number of documents that guide the execution and controlling phases of a project. The aim of this plan is to list out the goals, define the roles, explain the key stakeholders and provide schedule and … Read more

Project Management Plan : A Short Guide

Importance And Components Of Project Management Plan - How To Create A Project Management Plan Infographic

If you are working in the field of project management or preparing for the PMP Certification exam, most probably you have thought about the components of a project management plan. A project management plan is a comprehensive project document that … Read more

Project Documentation ,10 Key Project Documents

Project Documentation ,10 Essential Key Project Documents Infographic

PMP aspirants often ask these common questions: What is project documentation? , What is the importance of project documentation? and What are the Key Project Documents? It is obvious that Project documentation is vital for any project’s success. Typically, project … Read more

Difference Between Project Proposal and Project Charter

Project Proposal Vs Project Charter

Project Proposal and Project Charter are two different documents and their purposes are different as well. Both proposal and charter are crucial project documents that outline very different concepts within a project. However, many PMP aspirants mix up them because … Read more