Construction Claim Management & Preventing Tips

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What is the Construction Claim Management Process Roadmap? The construction world is a whirlwind of activity, and with that whirlwind comes the potential for unforeseen circumstances. This can lead to what many dread: construction claims. These claims, often involving requests … Read more

Claim Management in Construction Projects

Claim Management in Construction Projects

Construction claims are getting complex based on the nature and the complexity of the construction projects. Clients, contractors, and subcontractors of this environment try to reach their own goals and expectations in order to increase their benefits. Conflicts may arise … Read more

12 Tips for Effectıve Construction Claims Management

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Construction projects involve many resources such as laborers, subcontractors, equipment, and materials. Lack of coordination and communication between the project team and the stakeholders may cause disputes before and during the execution of the project. Inadequate construction claims management, coupled … Read more