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There’s no denying that QR codes have well and truly taken the world by storm in recent years. From appearing on the occasional poster here and there to greeting you right at the doorstep of virtually every business on the globe during pandemic years, we have definitely seen a resurgence in the use of QR codes. And if you’ve ever used a custom QR code generator yourself, you’ll also know just how easy it is to whip up these nifty tech tools. But what benefits do QR codes applications have in different industries, and outside of the context of the pandemic? After all, we are firmly in the post-COVID age and QR codes are still around, being used across a wide range of different contexts.

Truth be told, these little squares have transformed from a novelty to an integral part of modern marketing strategies, namely because they bridge the divide between traditional and digital marketing channels.

Here are just a few ways that QR codes can be used in your own industry.

Key Takeaways 

    • QR Codes Application Resurgence:
      • QR codes widely adopted, evolving from occasional use to a presence in virtually every business during the pandemic.
      • Easy creation with custom QR code generators.
    • Benefits Across Industries:
      • Integral to modern marketing, bridging traditional and digital channels.
    • QR Codes in Marketing:
      • Directs customers from traditional to digital channels via QR codes applications.
      • Uses include sharing contact info, signing up for mailing lists, generating discounts, and redirecting to websites or social media.
    • Applications:
      • Storing contact info, enabling mobile payments, providing product details, enhancing user experience, and improving security.
      • Creative uses: Public transport updates, innovative business cards, transparent food packaging, customer surveys, contactless payments, billboards, event marketing, and building email lists.
    • Versatility:
      • Diverse applications, from improving public transport to creative marketing.
      • Encourages experimentation for unlocking full potential in various contexts.

QR Codes As A Marketing Tool

Qr Codes

As we mentioned, QR codes (or ‘Quick Response’ codes) can be used to direct potential customers from traditional marketing channels through to digital marketing channels. A great example of this is a poster for a theatre show that includes a QR code to a link where interested users could buy tickets online.

Here are just some of the other ways that QR codes applications:

  • Share their contact information. QR codes can link to surveys, or EOI (expressions of interest) and inquiry forms. This allows business owners to gather information for potentially high conversion customers.
  • Sign them up to your mailer list. QR codes could link to URLs where your customers can sign up to your mailing list. This helps strengthen your business’ email marketing efforts.
  • Initiate mobile phone calls. QR codes can also be programmed to initiate a phone call upon being scanned. This particular use case for QR codes could also prove beneficial for customers with unique accessibility needs.
  • Generate discount and coupon codes. QR codes could link to a discount or coupon code that customers can then use at your store. These exclusive offers can breed customer loyalty alongside generating sales for your business.
  • Guide customers to a landing page on your website using QR codes, which can direct them to a high-converting landing page on your business website. Easily turn a link into QR code to redirect customers to a landing page on your website. QR codes can direct customers to a high-converting landing page on your business website.
  • Redirect customers to your social media profiles. QR codes can direct your customers to your company’s social media profiles, where they can then engage with your social media marketing content.
  • Redirect customers to the app store. From here, your customers can download your company’s app, equipping you with another platform where they can convert.
  • Add an upcoming event to their email calendar. If you have an event you’d like to promote, including a QR code that automatically registers that event into your customer’s calendar can help elevate your chances of receiving more attendees.
  • Redirect customers to YouTube videos or articles. If you want to provide potential customers with more information on your products or services, QR codes can be used to redirect them to an informative YouTube video, news article, or blog post.

Can a QR code be used to open an app?

A QR code is a type of barcode that can store information such as URLs, text, or contact details. To scan a QR code, you need a smartphone with a camera and a QR code reader app. Some apps can also generate QR codes for various purposes. One possible use of QR codes is to open an app on your smartphone. For example, some QR codes can launch a specific app and perform a certain action, such as opening a web page, sending an email, or making a payment. However, not all QR codes can open an app, and not all apps can be opened by QR codes.

It depends on the app developer and the QR code generator. Therefore, if you want to use a QR code to open an app, you need to make sure that the app supports this feature and that the QR code is compatible with the app.

What is the application of QR code?

Some possible applications of QR code are:

– Storing contact information, such as business cards or website links
– Enabling mobile payments, such as Alipay or WeChat Pay
– Providing product information, such as price, origin, or reviews
– Enhancing user experience, such as interactive games, augmented reality, or digital art
– Improving security and authentication, such as encrypted messages, biometric scans, or blockchain verification

What Is Important When Using QR Code Applications for Marketing?

Other Creative Applications Of QR Codes

And speaking of out-of-the-box thinking, QR codes can also be used for a wide range of different creative applications, from enhancing the power of billboards to adding a dynamic twist to food and product packaging. 

To spark your own imagination, here’s just a few ways that QR codes can be used creatively across a range of different sectors.

Public Transport

With QR codes, commuters can easily receive real-time updates rather than having to rely on preset transportation timetables. In other words, QR codes applications help elevate the experience of using city public transportation networks, which can in turn improve the liveability index of those city centres.

Business Cards

Adding a QR code to your business card can open up a wealth of possibilities. For instance, your QR code could link to a digital portfolio or website, or even link to a social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn or your personal Instagram account). This innovative approach to self-promotion will not only ensure your professional brand is more visible online, but more memorable as well.

Packaged Food

QR codes applications on food packaging take consumer transparency to a whole new level. With QR codes of food or other product packaging, customers can access more information about manufacturing, nutritional contents, or even more promotional or informational resources (i.e. recipes that you can try using that food item or product). This fosters trust and transparency between the brand and the consumer.

Customer Surveys

Gathering customer feedback is crucial for business development in the digital age. Thankfully, QR codes make this vital process even easier by redirecting your customers straight to feedback forms. By placing QR codes on receipts, product packaging, or even on in-store displays, you can redirect customers from physical experiences with your product to tailored digital feedback forms.

Contactless Payments

Alongside facilitating customers checking in during the social distancing era, QR codes have become an essential tool for facilitating seamless, contactless payments. With QR codes, customers can easily scan to order food at their tables, as well as pay for their meals online. This same model is currently also being trialled in the retail sector.


Billboards that include QR codes in their design can direct people to a specific landing page, video, app download, or any other digital space, bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing With Qr Codes

At events, QR codes can streamline various processes – from ticket verification at the entrance to providing event information like schedules or maps. They can also be used to encourage social media sharing, increasing the event’s visibility and reach.

Building Email Subscriber Lists

Growing an email list is a critical aspect of digital marketing. A strategically placed QR code on a website, blog post, or even a social media post can lead potential subscribers to a sign-up form, making the process efficient and boosting your email marketing efforts.

As you can see, the applications of QR codes are undoubtedly vast and versatile. Understanding the full potential of QR codes should naturally begin with experimenting with these adaptable tech tools for yourself. So try adding a QR code to your next printed promotional materials, or integrating a code or two into your next multichannel marketing campaign.

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