4 Tips to Gain Online Store Customers

4 Tips to Gain Online Store Customers-min

4 Tips to Gain Online Store Customers

Do you have an online store and want to know what you can do to get more customers? If you answered yes then keep reading because this article has compiled a detailed list of tips and tricks that can help you grow your customer base. It is no secret that the internet has changed how customers shop. It is a fact that half of all purchases are now made online. This is why it is important to have an effective marketing strategy in place for your online store. Having an online store is not easy and it can be very difficult to get more customers so here are a few ideas on how to gain more customers.

1. Take Advantage of Holidays

The first tip that you can implement is to take advantage of holidays meaning you should use the holiday time as an opportunity to market and be creative with your branding. You can sell holiday-related products on valentine’s day, for example, and can promote and sell a lot of red and pink products. You can also push men’s products on Father’s day like Socital suggests right here, or even offer different vouchers that customers can use on different holidays. There are plenty of holidays and it is really a great time to be creative and gain more customers.

2. Post on Social Media

Social media is very popular so you should definitely post on there. The benefits are the wide reach that social media has. There are an unlimited amount of potential customers and you can grow your brand awareness. The most popular social media platforms are TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. On TikTok you should post video content that is creative and entertaining. This will grab the attention of the customers. TikTok is more a place where you can microblog but do not bombard your audience with too much information. Memes and videos do well on this platform. Finally we have Instagram where you can post high quality content. Videos, images and reels do well on this platform, all 3 of these platforms are dominated by the youth so make sure your content is vibrant, youthful and fun. You will have a massive audience reach because TikTok has 680 million monthly users, Instagram has 500 million daily active users and Twitter has 330 million monthly users.

3. Free Samples and Giveaways

People love free things so giving away free samples is a great idea. A great idea is to give samples of your product if you are able to. This is great because people get to experience your product without spending money and if they like it, they will likely spend their money. You can also host giveaways for user generated content. This is done on social media in the form of hashtag challenges. You need to identify your opportunity and then exploit it. In this case, the opportunity is the human being’s love for free things. It’s a full proof approach.

4. Sales, New Products and Advertising

Another thing that is very popular and always does well is sales. You should definitely have sales on your website and also post about the sale on social media. New products should be advertised at lower prices and you can make use of google advertising which will benefit you because you get to target your ads, control your costs, measure your success and manage your campaigns. Google ads gives you immediate exposure because your ad will show in the top 5 results on a google search results page. The great thing about google ads is that you get to determine your price range and they will estimate your results.

Bottom Line

The world is moving into a more digital space and people are spending more time shopping online than they are going to a real store. As an online store you need to get as much traffic as you possibly can and these 4 tips are here to help you. Remember to take advantage of holidays, post on social media, give away free samples and giveaways and have sales, new products and paid advertising. These will see your store grow.

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