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Project Running and Organizing Processes

Project Running and Organizing Processes

You’ve taken over the marketing of the new product. Accordingly, this will be a complete team effort: design, production, advertising, and sales. You need feedback to review your preparation plan for building this team. As you can imagine, the success of this project can be very important for your career. What would your project activities be?
In fact, successful project running is possible by doing three important things. These are delivering the project at the customer’s desired time (or earlier), performing the functions you have committed to the customer, and performing them within the budget (or less expenditure) in the plan.
Of course, the problems and opportunities we face are inevitable external factors for project organizations. For example, sometimes the lack of production capacity, a new software need of the company, and strong competitors trying to enter the market can cause changes in the project organization and strategies of the company. Critically, the aim against such changes is to implement the regulations as soon as possible to ensure continuity. Accordingly, companies usually create projects and assign at least one response to each project.

What is Project Running?

Project running is not just scheduling. The popularity of time-planning articles has grown considerably. With this increase, many people think that if they buy such software and start using it. They are carrying out project management eventually. However, they do not know how to use all the features of that software. Besides, they have not even the slightest idea how to bring the data that the software offers to live.
Obviously, you should remember that computer software is blank paper and forms. In fact, the important thing is that it is necessary to use this software with the methods offered by project management science. For example, a person who does not know the rules in the accounting system will not be able to use that software effectively. It doesn’t matter how good an accounting program he receives.
Truly, project running is the process of programming resources at hand most efficiently and controlling project activities to achieve performance, cost, and time goals. Indeed, it is quite possible to achieve these three project activity goals with efficient and effective use of resources. Each project organization has limited resources. Thus, failure to deploy resources’ workloads correctly can lead to projects failing.

When Is Project Running Required?

When the work is big and complex
If coordination of multiple activities is required for the job
In the case of a certain time and cost limitations.

What are the Basic Stages for Simple Project Management?

Analysis: Determination about what to do
Design: Consideration about how to do
Organizing: Determining when who and how much to do the project
Application: Implementing plans to achieve the goal.

At What Stages Would It Not Be Right to Use Project Running?

In cases where the product or service has high standardization and the production process is continuously the same or varies little,
Where strategic and important functional decisions within the initiative are gathered under the standard organizational framework,
When product or service technology is fixed, it may not be very accurate to use project organization.

Business Organization Part

Basic Concepts of Project Running
Information Areas
Feasibility Studies
Decomposition Structure
Creating Resource, Duration, and Cost Estimates
Evaluation and Measurements

Primarily, project programming is to determine the earliest and latest start times of activities and the project end time and critical path. This determination is done by assigning activity relationships on top of resource, time, and cost assignments. In other words, to realize the project organization, i.e. the objectives set for the project, within a certain time and the framework of a certain budget. In addition, putting the process of allocating resources efficiently into a calendar is part of project programming.

Specifically, Critical Path Method – CPM, Program Evaluation and Review Technique – PERT and Gantt Chart are very popular techniques for project programming.

Project Running – Inter-Activity Relationship Definitions

To sort and process activities in the process of defining inter-activity relationships, it is necessary to determine interdependent activities and non-interdependent activities. Fundamentally, in determining these activities, each activity must depend on the completion of the previous activity and the effect on future activities. In addition to this, we can show these dependencies with the definition of precursor activity. Also, we can define precursor activity as an activity that must end before some other activity can begin.

Project Programming – What are the necessary steps?

Unquestionably, to create the project calendar, it is worth following these steps:

Drawing of the Project Network
Forward and Reverse Calculation
Critical Activities and Path

Unfortunately, some things are almost impossible to learn without practice. For example, memorizing all resources to play the piano does not eliminate the need to sit at the piano and practice.
Additionally, we can identify with this example of project management. So what are these project management skills?


In actual fact, great managers are excellent authorizers. Some people who have proven their management skills in project running find the delegate process agonizing. Delegate is a serious issue. It requires a delicate level. Truly, the process of making a good delegate goes through good communication.


In fact, negotiation is the art of encouraging a workable agreement within project constraints. In reality, a project is a choreography of negotiation from start to finish. Of course, successful people who can maintain  project running process healthily can negotiate dates, budgets, resources, project scope, communication requirements, sometimes even definitions. Yet, accepting everything will have consequences. Accordingly, we can show apologizing for not being able to give the expectation and deriving excuses.

Choosing the Right Team

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of a college that teaches us how to pick the right team. There is one important feature that the project manager should have. Primarily, he brings the right people together to get the job done. In fact, most project managers use RACI charts to meet their business needs. Moreover, it determines the position descriptions and the most qualified people who are suitable for these positions. Another approach involves finding the most talented people and then placing them in the appropriate places on your team.


Woefully, after working for a long time, you may have to terminate an employee’s job. In fact, this is the most unpleasant activity to do.

Management Skills

Moreover, managing one’s boss can be a difficult proposition. Some people naturally excel at it. Thus, it is a really important skill.

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