Defect Repair vs Corrective Action vs Preventive Action

Defect Repair vs Corrective Action vs Preventive Action
Defect Repair vs Corrective Action vs Preventive Action

In Quality Management System, preventive action, corrective action and defect repair terms are the most commonly used key terms.
Change requests may involve corrective actions, preventive actions, and defect repairs different from scope changes. When the project’s scope is changed, project baseline must be changed but corrective and preventive measures does not affect the baselines.

Corrective Action

Corrective actions are reactive actions which are taken when the project has deviated from the scope, cost or quality plans and requirements, schedule in order to bring the performance back to the baselines.

These actions are taken when non-conformances have already been detected to minimize the effect of the issue.

Preventive Action

Preventive actions are proactive actions which are taken when the project is trending away from the scope, schedule, cost, or quality plans and requirements in order to ensure the project performance is aligned to the baselines
These actions are taken to prevent issues from occurring in future. Preventive actions ensure the project to progress effectively and track the baseline closely.

Defect Repair

When the product or deliverable does not meet the quality plans or requirements, defect repair process should be implemented.


We are building a taxiway we planned to use a batch plant with a capasity of 200 m3/day. Once concrete pouring begins, we realize that the capasity of our batch plant is not sufficient and we are now behind the schedule. Bringing a high capasity batch plant is a corrective action.

We noticed that silica fume admixture that we are using in our concrete mix design is very expensive and we are bringing this admixture from 500 miles away. As per our market investigation, we find another supplier which is closer to our worksite so the price will be lower. This is a preventive action.

Upon preliminary inspection of the concrete strength, we find that the strength is lower than planned. We asked our batch engineer to change the mix design.This is a defect repair.

Corrective actions and preventives actions are activities done to provide the project performance align with the baseline and have no direct relationship to the quality of the outputs. But defect repair activities have direct relationships to the quality of the outputs.


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