Interview Tips and Tricks for Project Manager Positions

Interview Tips and Tricks for project manager positions-min

Interview Tips and Tricks for Project Manager Positions

When It comes to scoring an interview it’s as simple as putting in an application and showing that you have the correct credentials. But conducting the actual interview and nailing it to where you are the perfect choice for the employer and getting your dream job is a whole different ball game.

Here are tips and tricks for when you head to your next interview for a manager position.

First Impressions Matter

Everyone always talks about how a first impression is important. And this is because they truly are, especially when you are introducing yourself to your next workplace or your future boss. Here are some key things to remember when making a first impression.

Be Kind and Polite

Always come in with a great attitude, be kind to all the staff regardless of their rank, role, or billet. Address them kindly as you’d prefer to be addressed, and thank them for their time. If all goes well, you will eventually be working with them. 

Arrive Promptly

Coming in slightly early is always a great choice. This allows you to come in, be settled, beat traffic, and shows that you are always ready and prepared in case something unforeseen would happen. Also, they wouldn’t want to hire someone who is late or last minute.

Always Make Eye Contact and Shake Hands

Not only is the way you address and speak to people important, but also asserting yourself into the conversation and the role is a powerful way to show you are ready and wanting to join as well. This is done through the use of eye contact to show you are speaking the truth, comfortable and willing. Shaking hands is our current age’s way of greeting and is kind to do both upon meeting and leaving. 

Ask About Follow Up Procedure

While most places will let you know how they’ll follow up with you, be it an email, call, or what have you, it is important to ask the question about when or how you’ll expect a response, so that way you can show you are dedicated, interested, and want to hear back.

Ask About Other Potential Interviews

Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have other candidates that they seek to interview or what the process will be. Most likely they won’t tell you if you were the only one, or if you have been chosen, but this can give you a good idea of how much longer the hiring process has.

Find Out How They May Contact You

Be sure to get the details about how they will reach out to you to update you about the interview and where to expect it. Some employers prefer to send an email, while others prefer a direct call. And with our age of technology, some will even shoot you a text about when you will start or if you didn’t meet the qualifications.

Thank Them For Their Time

Once you finished your interview, and have asked them all your follow-up questions to see about how they will get back to you, be sure to thank them for the opportunity and their time. While it may not effectively improve your chances, it will show that you are kind and appreciate that they gave you the chance at this interview, which they will keep in mind.

Perform a Practice Run if Possible

You may be extremely nervous about going to a new place you haven’t been before, meeting new people, and having to share your past work experience or even your past life with new individuals. This anxiety is natural and comes to everyone, but there are some things you can do to limit it or even dismiss it fully to prepare you for a proper interview.

Think Of Potential Questions

When performing practice runs of your interview, think of all the questions that can be asked, or even look up to see if they have common interview questions from the place of employment. This will give you a gist of what will be requested by you, and allows you to practice and get your head straight if you struggle with on-the-spot questions. 

Do A Drive To See How Long It Takes To Arrive

If you don’t live close to the place in which the interview is to take place, see if you can perform a test drive to see how long it takes for you to arrive at the location. This will be so you can ensure you will arrive on time, and be ready in case there is traffic or if the roads are clear. This will take the stress off of you if you fear running late. 

Understand How to Formulate Experience Into Words

One thing many people have trouble with is trying to put their experience and work into words that explain why they are a great candidate for the job. Most places already see you as qualified and know you have knowledge or experience which is why they are interviewing you. The make or break is how you put your past into words for them to analyze.

View Your Past Experience

Try to focus on your past work and how that can affect your current work style, leadership, ability to train, and much more. As a manager position, you would want to highlight things that you did that required critical thinking, choice moves, and hard choices that could have made or break that day. They also don’t want to know accomplishments, but what those accomplishments meant and will do for their company. 

Use Prior Work To Justify Skills

If you have excellent leadership skills, or you have trained individuals to exceed expectations and pass limitations, you would want to highlight them. But it’s not enough that you were able to achieve these, but how you did it and how your past work can be shown to improve current employees and their company. The work has to back up the skills, you can’t just state that you have skills and expect the interviewer to believe you. 


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